Now Bindings Reviews


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Love love love my NOW bindings.
I’ve been a fastec girl for a few years and was nervous about whether I’d like these, I don’t like making the skiers in the group wait, so the Fastecs were quick.
The NOWs were just as quick, and performance far outstrips the Fastecs, so much so that my poor Roxy board languished in the rack unselected even on the perfect day for her just because of the bindings…
Must buy a second set for the other board!  shaka


^ Yes!!! How good are they!!!?!?!?

Sold all my other bindings (altho sometimes I wish I didn’t.)
I’ve never had so much relief on my foot, being someone who’s totally flat footed.

I can’t want to see what is in store for next season. I know each generation of NOW bindings have improved on the last one from user feedback.

I personally use the black bushings now, as it feels as close as possible to regular bindings in terms of response.
I know that other people have said that the medium (green/orange) bushings feel like there’s delay in board response/feel.


I have been riding the selects, with the low and high backs this season.
they are pretty amazing.

there is not even any question that the fulcrum in these bindings is game changing.  edge control is out of this world, back to back riding with Union Team bindings made the union’s feel like planks. The performance is mind blowing. I seriously cannot say enough good things about these bindings, nothing has changed snowboarding this much since rockered board profiles.

If I had one gripe its that the ankle strap isn’t as comfortable as Rome 390’s. that’s all.

riding the low backs has certainly opened my eyes a bit. at first it was difficult to even tell that they weren’t there, it wasn’t until I started doing some tail presses that I noticed how much I use the high back to balance myself, and how much toe side bias I have. perhaps even pointing out some of my bad habits learned from too much dependance on high backs. having said this I haven’t even toyed with the idea of a firmer bush under toes and softer under heels to cheat my bias a bit..

either way I’m totally looking forward to more time riding with these and tweaking.


Now Select Bindings Review

I purchased the Now Select bindings L/XL a few months back and have been riding them since. Really stoked on the fast delivery and quality of the product!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with these bindings as they are built with different contact points to regular bindings.  Once strapped in the handle just like any other binding, the only noticeable difference is the contact points on the board, there may be slightly more leverage, all in all they have great response and help you press really well.

I was also impressed with the build quality of the bindings, when you first take them out of the box you can see and feel how well they are built. They also look really good.

BOTTOM LINE: Really good solid binding, rides well and looks good.


The 2016 Now Bindings range has landed. Including two new models: the female-specific Vetta model, and the Pilot model.


Love my new Selects, coming from 2014 IPO’s there’s a big difference. The change from metal base and discs to nylon/fibreglass makes them lighter and you get a better board feel/flex, I think. Hyperfuse straps are just amazing, and the buckles/straps are upgraded from the already-solid IPO hardware. Really nice highbacks with a bit of a wing, great feeling flex. I’ll be trying out the hi-cups on my park board over in Japan.

Can’t recommend enough if you have some old Now’s that could do with upgrading!