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Landing into banks and transitions

Yesterday I was at the skatepark and was ollieing the volcano. I was landing it but everytime my board almost shot out. I was trying to lean forward but that just made me land even sketchier. Then on the fifth time my board shot out and I landed on my wrist. The same thing happens with bonelesses and it makes me really scared to do these tricks. Anyone got tips?


It’s a bit tricky landing into any thing due to the gradient being so different from banks, quarters and streets.

Make sure you are bending your knees, get low because stiff legs will always make you flick out. Apply more pressure on the front foot as it’s easier to control your slam going forward then flick backwards on to your bones. Watched out for your wrist as it’s the easiest way to get a break.


Hey Meehah!

Wanna make sure your not leaning too far forward over your board. Like u said it will make it sketchier for you as your body will wanna fall forward and u won’t have the board below u to roll away on.

Like bkrtron said put more pressure on the front foot and pump into the transition as you land. Make sure ur knees are bent to help absorb the landing.

A good practice is to roll-drop into a small quarter like Mitch does at the 1:48 mark in this clip

Practice ollies into banks the. Bank to bank. From there you will have the hang of it. I find ollieing into curves a bit of a prick myself haha

Let us know how u go shaka