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Alright all,

I’m Ian, 25 from UK (North East England). I’m generally obsessed with boardsports and try any board I can get my hands on.

First taste was mountain boarding back when I was in secondary school. I now spend most my time surfing (albeit in a 6:5mm wettie and only when swell permits).

I also snowboard (freestyle at indoor slope mainly but get out to the alps once a year).

I Skate a lot (bowl and mini ramp, longboard, cruise etc…) and I dabble with wakeboarding at local wake park.

Have done a touch of skimboarding and obviously mountainboarding but not too seriously.

Would be a struggle to participate in meet ups (unless anyone else is in Britain?) but just pretty stoked to talk shit w/people on here.






Hi Guys

Complete Nubbie here.

I’ve just completed my 3rd snow trip (2nd actually doing any real boarding) and I’m completely hooked!! Got a boys trip next week…..can’t wait!!!




Excited to be apart of this community! Hope to see some great posts and good skateboarding


Hi! I’m Audrey and I decided to do something new in this spring. I’ll try to learn skateboarding. So i would like to know people who are better than me and who could help me in my baby steps 😉
Oh and I really sorry for my bad english too!


Hi there, I’m 25 and I’m new here smile My friends gave me a snowboard as a present, even though it’s summer now. But I plan to use it in winter, because I have always dreamed about it. Hope to find many tips and advices here. Oh, and I hope to have great chatting with you!


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It’s been almost six years since the original welcome thread was started, so I figured with the new website being launched, it was probably time to start a new thread.


G’Day Everyone!

I just purchased my first skateboard and thought I’d jump on here and introduce myself. I’m a 32 yo beginner and at 6"8’ 110kg I stand a very good chance of doing myself serious harm taking up skateboarding. Specs for the board

8.5” Flip deck
5.75 Tensor Mag light trucks (good god they may look like paperweights but would be woefully inadequate for the task)
Globe 55mm 88a Skateboard wheels
Element Black Abec 7 bearings
Independent fasteners.

$340 odd shipped.

I bought the board to learn how to ride first and foremost but am keen to learn to ollie and do some basic flip tricks in time.

I have a question regarding shoes, what would you recommend for a wide foot? I’m a size 14. Incidentally, after standing on the board I won’t be surprised if 8.5” proves too narrow. Fortunately the trucks should be able to handle a 9” deck, and there’s always the option of going up to a size 6.



this is me after a run of faceshots that would have ron jeremy dancing a jig on a recent trip to japan

300 blackout build kit


hello everyone my name is Thomas


Been on boardworld a few years and It’s a great way to get info on EVERYTHING boardsport related and great way to meet like minded people no matter where you are in the world. Great community.