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Welcome to Boardworld — Introduce Yourself Here!



Hello, members — new and old!

Welcome to Boardworld! Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread. Boardworld is a friendly and helpful community, so please don’t be shy! shaka

It’s been almost six years since the original welcome thread was started, so I figured with the new website being launched, it was probably time to start a new thread.

My name is Jeremy and I started Boardworld back in 2009. Since then, it’s grown into quite an amazing community, and I’ve made countless lifelong friends through Boardworld. I look forward to making many more! I love snowboarding, surfing, and travelling. Admittedly, I am also a bit of a clown.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and I’ve spent many seasons in Whistler, Canada, where I met my wife in 2008. Michelle is a Canadian and grew up in Whistler, so we do quite a bit of travelling between Sydney and Whistler — which suits us just fine! We will be based in Whistler again from November, and we are currently backpacking our way through Europe.

Well, enough about me. Tell us about yourself. We are always stoked to see new members sign up to Boardworld. Stop lurking, register and account, and say hello!


Yiew! new site new Rhys.

I like long walks on Jeremy’s beach. (i use to live around the corner from him in bondi so legit- i walked on ‘his’ beach)

I also love to Snowboard and to Surf. Ive been doing these things best part of the last 15 years i guess as i’m 28 years young. I recently moved to Vancouver with the GF and I’‘ve worked as a Lifty in Whistler six years back - which is how I met most of the legends on this forum.

Been on boardworld a few years and It’s a great way to get info on EVERYTHING boardsport related and great way to meet like minded people no matter where you are in the world. Great community.

Dig it!


Hey I’m Sebastian aka:spaz. I’m one the old guys that hang around Boardworld.

This is me.

I’m a Snowbum. Over the past 17years I’ve done 15 Aussie seasons. This year will be my 16th. Sometimes I rent an apartment in Thredbo for winter (this year) sometimes I couch surf, often I sleep in my car.

I surf in summer.

I have a daughter.

She loves the snow and beach as much as me.

I love my car.

I’m a videotographer and have been on Boardworld since its inception back in 2009.


Yo, I’m TJ. I do stuff and junk.

28 Male Sydney

Moving to Falls Creek in Victoria tomorrow. This will be my 3rd season after living in Jindabyne in 2009 and Sun Peaks Canada over 2013/14 season.

I will be posting pictures and updates here so be sure to check them out.

If you’re planning to visit Falls Creek, totally hit me up first for a shred / beer / anything I can do to improve your snow holiday!

This is me:

I also ride motorbikes.


Hey all,

I’m Ozgirl, Oz or Ozzie grin

I am a dirty skier who dabbles in snowboarding because of the cool bunch of people off this site!

My ‘home’ mountain is Perisher, I am a bit of a weekend warrior so down there a lot in winter.

I prefer to save my Annual Leave for OS holidays. On that note I am a Mod over in the travel section. I lived in the US (for 2 seasons, Canada for a Summer and Thredbo for a winter. But it was all a long time ago!) I have also lived in Europe and will be going to Japan for a 3rd time in 2016!

Learning to ski

My first shred and my ah ha moment on a board!

Conquering Niseko on a board


What’s up guys!

I’m Walker, aka Riely. I’m 20 years old and I live a little north of Sydney.

Skateboarding and photography are my two main loves, along with travelling. I’ve been shooting skate photos since around 2009/2010, and I discovered this site through its skate photography competitions back in the day.

For roughly 18 months now, I’ve been Boardworld’s online editor for content and social media. Most of the content you see on the Boardworld homepage, and on Facebook and Instagram, is posted by me.

Travel wise, I usually aim to spend a couple of months in the US each year. Last year I travelled around the US, China and Europe, just staying with various friends and family for the most part. America is my favourite stomping ground — I’ve visited 40 states now, and I’m hoping to add to that soon!

I’m always available to help anyone out with any questions regarding the site or Boardworld in general. Jeremy is a busy guy, and he’s not always available, so feel free to direct any questions my way if needed. I’m always very happy to help!


Yo Chicks, Dudes and fellow Boardworld-airians

Aaron’s the name and surfings the game. 33 years young. I live in the eastern beaches of Sydney, but grew up in in the cold depths of southern Tasmania.

I’ve been with BW since day 1.  I was living with Jeremy in Whistler at the time of the first ever launch and he filled me in what he was plans prior to that circa 2007 before he even had any website. Its come a long way and looks amazing! Great work J!!

My main loves are obviously surfing along with snowboarding. I help run the surf forums and post new content daily/weekly including new surf edits, gear reviews and follow the World Surf League Championship Tour.

I’ve travelled the world quite a bit. I spent 4 consecutive years overseas shredding some amazing mountains and pulling into some barrels of my life. I spent a lot of time between North America and Europe, along with Indonesia, NZ, and Central America.

Ive always been involved with either working in the action sports industry or out there living the dream.

Boardworld has always been an outlet for me to post wicked content, connect with like minded people and support an industry that’ll be with me for a very long time.

Im always here for any advice on all surf/snow related topics, if your parents kick you out or your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you. Im here. Haha!

Peace out peeps. See youse around the forums, in the line up or on the chairlift. Yeeeewwww!!!!


Hi all,

My names Erin, I live in Melbourne. I joined the forums just over 2 years ago to meet some fellow snowboarders since not many of my friends board. Thanks to the forums I now have a whole heap of rad new friends who love snowboarding as much as I do. One of the highlights of my year would have to be riding, hanging out and catching up with everyone at the BW shred. Always guaranteed lots of laughs!

I am lucky enough to have a husband who also loves snowboarding so we tend to plan most of our holidays around snow. So far we’ve done NZ, France and Finland. Next on the list is Japan! I’ll definitely be hitting up everyone on the forums for some advice on where to go and everything else I need to know in the near future smile

Me in the French Alps in January


I’m blizzard or blizz for short, from Canberra.
I joined Boardworld way back in 2009 and have never looked back! It’s certainly been a great way to meet like minded people and get advice/tips about everything boarding! The shred is easily the highlight each year. I’m a moderator over in the girls section so any ladies make sure you head over there too thumbsup

So far I’ve only boarded in Australia, with Perisher being my local. My husband and I ride together as many weekends as we can during the season.

Shredding aside I enjoy American football and photography. I’ve been dabbling in editing/formatting for a couple fiction authors too which has been awesome.


We’re doing this again? Coooooooool.

I am Andy and I like pie.

Also snerberds, fast bikes, guitars, and acting like I’m not 38. (I believe the average age I get called out on is 8.)

I think I’ve been snerberding since ‘09 I think… meh.

Currently in the process of relocating to Whis, where my mrs is.

Fun fact: I’m a bonafide actor, coz if you look me up I’m on imdb. har har!

Will post pics later. promise.




Ermagherd! you like snerberds and bikes? I like snerberds and bikes!

Im Cheyne, 28, Canberra.
Pretty fresh to the sideways lifestyle. But if it goes sideways i tend to like it. Snowboards, skateboards, cars… all the fun stuff.
Used to surf when i was younger, and took up snowboarding and skating about a year ago.
No noisy money absorbing shit machines… i mean children… that i know of.
But has cat, that thinks shes a dog… plays fetch, and chews on bones… weirdo.

mad skillz brah

look, car.

and cat…being on of those French girls.


Howdy I’m Baker (surname, nickname thing)

I think I have been using BW forums for maybe 2 years or so. It’s been a very welcoming and helpful source for information and news. Much appreciated! That would be the reason I stayed on and just love to help others and be a part of the community.

I travel around the globe, trying to get back to Europe every year or a new zone. Hopefully Japow 2016 grin

Me and the girl in Chamonix

This is from Finland. Bit of Nordic skiing as there isn’t any steep around there to snowboard.

Avid lover of skateboarding, snowboarding, design, music and life.

DR1F7R - 24 May 2015 08:34 AM

look, car.


Ermagherd I see you almost daily LOL can’t miss the car smile


Hello, my name is Andy and I have a substance abuse problem.

It all started 14 years ago when I was in high school. I tasted that powder for the first time and I knew I needed more. What I didn’t know was how deep the rabbit hole went.

It all seemed natural at first. My friends were on it too, so I looked calm and control by comparison.
But it was all downhill from here.

After my first full season as a lifty in 2007 I was completely addicted. And then the snow melted.
I tried to return to normal life, but my thirst for that dust was never quenched.
I rode skateboards, freebords, surfboards even statues. But nothing could fill the void.

I chased that dragon all the way to Japan and Canada. But I never stopped wanting more.

In Canada I met a man named Finney who lived with the same struggles. He told me of a man known as Rider26 who ran a support group called “BoardWorld”. I had my doubts at first but when I went there I met a group of people just like me. Talking with these people helped me control my urges and direct them somewhere positive. It was then I learned my true calling in life. To help people all over the world that were going through what I went through.

So after 7 years of training (and still learning) I have dedicated my life to helping people get high in a safe environment.
Because in the end, you can’t fight it. You can only learn to control it.
Stay high my friends.


Firstly, nice work to the team behind the new site, it looks great!

I’m Darren Teasdale (aka Krusty) and I am the guy behind SnoPics. I won the Boardworld snow photo comp a couple of times back in the day and since then I have been busy working as a mountain guide and photographer overseas.

In all honesty I am guilty of being lazy in regards to my commitment to Boardworld over the last couple of years and have mainly been an observer to the progress it has achieved.
It is great to see how far Jeremy has brought the site and more importantly the community and I hope to become a part of it once again.

This is me in the Aussie backcountry - Pic by Elsie Nielsen (my GF and partner at Niseko Photography and Guiding)

Elsie sending it in the Aussie backcountry

Elsie and I currently live in Japan and together we own Niseko Photography and Guiding. We unfortunately don’t get to shred in Oz as much as we once did and every year we follow the Southern Hemi winters from afar and are stoked at seeing the progression of the snowboard scene in Australia and New Zealand.

Liam fence riding at the top of Leichhardt, Perisher

I have been very fortunate to be able to live and work in the industry I love for the last 14 years and I get joy from seeing so many other young guys and girls following their dreams and passions.

Both Elsie and I are looking forward to a great 2016 season for all our Southern Hemi friends and see you in Japan soon.

Ps. Feel free to contact us anytime for advice on photography, travel, Japan or just a friendly chat.





Ahoy there, im trent, I like stuff and i also appreciate things.
I came here a few years ago for some reason or another to do with something and have been a stallwart ever since.
My years on this earth outweigh the age i feel and its because of this ive had to part ways with my years of skateboarding efforts and mainly partake in the snowboardings i love soo much. Ive been lucky enough that ive been able to travel some parts of this big old ball of fun we live on, where snowboarding has been the flavour of that day and its only perpetuated my love affair with it.

I like to think i have a 6th sense when it comes to finding posts from companies and people purely fishing for site clicks or business on here without getting to know us first, and although my insults and sarcasm arent up to a chucky standard, i like to think I can still help by using my skills in the aforementioned arena of online calling a spade a spade for the bettering of little part of the online world.
Recently I stood up from behind my 9-5 desk job, politely push my chair in and walked out the door

to open a PowderPak Park in Geelong, so now i can live the snowboarding as a career dream a lot of us have even though my skill set has never allowed that to be the case as a pro rider.

It also allows me to spend a whole lot more with my little son Pacey which is the most important thing in the world to me right now.

Ive met some rad peeps from this site that im now lucky enough to call mates and I look forward to meeting a whole bunch more!!

this is me after a run of faceshots that would have ron jeremy dancing a jig on a recent trip to japan