Couples Surf Trip


Me and my girlfriend are looking at heading overseas later on this year for a surf trip somewhere, but not to sure where..

As she’s basically a novice but keen to learn, im trying to find something that has mellow waves for her but at the same time still has something with a “bit of push” for myself.

We have been looking at the Maldives but decided it costs a lot! Also HT’s resort in the Mentawis but might be a bit heavy for the girl. Other ideas i thought would be good were, Samoa, or the Soloman Islands.

Anyone have any good suggestions? Cheap and cheerful is always a plus!!


Fiji could be a great option. It’s relatively close by (so cheaper to get there), it’s a beautiful country, the people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever encountered on my travels, great value for money, and you can surf year round. We had a great time in Fiji and I can highly recommend it.

How far are you willing to travel? What about Mexico or Costa Rica?


Yeah we have looked into fiji, it looks amazing, but i just wasnt sure about the whole mellow wave thing for the mrs.

We’re pretty much willing to go anywhere, Costa and Mexico would be sick, but ill have to do a little more research smile


Fiji has soft waves if u look,  if you’re on the mainland nuttadola I think it is has a beachie when there’s a bit of swell around. Namotu lefts are pretty soft when it’s smaller as is swimming pools. You can grab a boat from the mainland out that will drop ur missus at Namotu lefts and u at Cloudbreak or Wilkes for $100 each for the day.

I love Tonga but not much in the way of beginner waves there and the bottom is sharp. Never been to Samoa but have heard good things.