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Budget for Japan. 

Impossible question to answer, but thinking of making a last minute trip to Japan in mid feb to go boarding. Be me and the missus so no bunk room accom but don’t mind basic as long as it’s clean and comfortable.

I’m after an idea of what people usually allow for accom, feed, lift tickets etc per day (ie everything except flights).

Got no idea what it might be worth presently.



I’m not sure where you’re planning on going to exactly, but I went to Hakuba a few years back, did it on somewhat of a budget (but still decent accom), and I think I paid something like:

$100 per night for accommodation per person and breakfast
$40 per day for lift passes
(These prices may have changed a bit)

Allow budget for transfers, i.e. bullet train to wherever you’re going.

Food, drinks, entertainment etc.

It might be worthwhile hitting up someone like Mint Tours, to see what sort of package they can put together for you. This will probably give you the best ballpark figure to judge from.

Also, we might be doing a contest/promotion soon to win free lift passes, onsen passes, powder board hire etc. for Hakuba. I’ll know more about this soon. Keep an eye out.


Cheers, that wasn’t too far off what I was thinking. Around $200 per day per person. Now just got to get the approval form signed.

As an aside we’ve never done Japan before. Were both intermediate but limited riding in powder ( I got some in USA last year but only 4-6” type stuff). But older too so partying less important culture would be more if had to choose. Any recommendations on area to look at ? Cheers


Personally, I would choose Hakuba. The two main areas we flock to are Niseko and Hakuba (of course there are a lot more).

Niseko typically gets more snow. Niseko typically is flatter and more touristy, with more nightlife on offer.

Hakuba is a town surrounded by *I think* seven resorts. A quick shuttle and you can get to whichever mountain you want to ride that day. Hakuba is quieter and has more varied terrain on offer, from mellow to steep. Typically they don’t get quite the same amount or quality of snow as Niseko, but it’s still world class — super deep and light. It’s a wonderful part of Japan and a great town to explore. They are being dumped on right now!

This is Joe from High Mount Hotel (highly recommended) at the base of Happo-one in Hakuba. Photo taken a couple of days ago.


^ What Jez said. There’s alot more options in Hakuba and it’s only 2 hous from Tokyo by train.


Oh, and that! Tokyo is such a rad city. Definitely worth spending at least a couple of days exploring there. Then you just hop on one of the incredible bullet trains direct to Nagano. Man, I’ve got to get back there soon.


Thats my next port of call i think (After i finish with this continent of course)


Highly recommend the High Mont Hotel.


So gearing up for this now. Taking the suggestion of staying on the main island as opposed to heading north (flights cheaper from nz too). Couple of questions

- getting between resorts in hakuba, how easy is this or should ski in/out be sought ? ( the recommended option is full unfortunatley) or if not ski in/out what area is generally the best to stay ? Im used to either walking to the lifts (USA) or driving half an hour (Ruapehu)
- any view on myoko as an alternative ?



When I was in Hakuba I just used the shuttles to get to and from the slopes. They are fairly frequent, and at least then you have the freedom to ride plenty of different slopes as there are a couple of options..

In terms of going to Honshu or Hokkaido, we were in Hakubu in Feb (only a couple of days before the tsunami hit) for 7 days and only got around 40cm the whole time so it wasn’t the best trip snow wise. If you want a higher chance of the pow tap being turned on you should head to Hokkaido IMHO.


With 4 people in a car, it’s only $20 ($5 each) to get a cab to the mountains (We went from the base of Happo One where we were staying to Iwatake) and got the bus back. It’s a great way to get first lifts on a pow day if you’re super keen!


Wandano is a quieter area (where the High Mont is)

But heaps of options especially further down the hill (the high mont is at the top) it is close to some lifts for Happo too.

The main base area of Happo I would assume is more expensive

This is a good map. map

A colleague just got back from taking his teenage son and stayed at Mominoki he booked thu i think (he is still on leave) and had no complaints and it is right near the lifts. Its number 4 on the map above.


Cheers guys, good points re the top island but we’re all booked in and flying to Tokyo at the end of Jan so Hakuba it is. Works well as allows us to spend a few days tripping out in Tokyo at the end, just need a godzilla costume now….Can’t wait

Globe - 05 January 2015 01:01 PM

Works well as allows us to spend a few days tripping out in Tokyo at the end, just need a godzilla costume now….Can’t wait

I tacked a few days of Tokyo onto my first Japan trip because “I’m in Japan I may as well tick the box” It turned out to be the highlight of the trip and I’ve been back quite a few times since even out of snow season as It’s just such an incredible city. Try to live like one of the locals eat/drink/hang out where they do not where the gaijins are and you’ll find it very rewarding!


Exactly, stay away from Roppongi for the night life as that’s where most of the hustlers are… There are some awesome places near Shibuya and Harijuku but again a bit touristy…

I’m sure DRC can give some better options.

TJswish - 08 January 2015 05:17 PM

I’m sure DRC can give some better options.

Cool, all tips greatly appreciated. Also stoked to get a run on a bullet train. Loved them since I was a kid. Slight reservations over quant of snow but that’s always a gamble with a ski trip of course… Realise greater chance if went further north but that’s next time