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Win a 3CS Jacket and Pant of Your Choice!


To the crew at 3CS i applaud you on such a sick looking and functional line of outerwear and to Jeremy at BW for gearing up with you guys for the promo. #legendstatus

I walked into my local board store (St Moritz) the other day to check out the hype of this line and holy mother of wow-factor-super-fun-happy-slide!  Sickest. Stuff. Ever! The fit, the cut, the features are all pure awesome.

Righteo… So here goes.  I’m not gonna carry on like some charity case about having no outerwear or standing naked on the hill (as fun as that sounds).  At the end of the day I should win because the mountains and snowboarding has been my life for nearly 20 years and will continue to do so for the next 20 years.  In this case given the chance to rep this epic new line I’ll able to spread the good word that is 3CS and not just in Australia but all over the world as my travels have taken me to Canada, Italy, France, NZ, Austria and Switzerland all for snow!
I’ve needed reliable outerwear to keep me warm and dry and that will last.  I’ll continue to need reliable gear for my up coming trip to japan with my homies as i missed out earlier this year (check the vid below).  No doubt 3CS can deliver!

Riding, for me is a much loved passion. It makes me feel alive, illuminated and unstoppable. From the moment I wake up and throw my gear on, to the moment i step outside into that brisk fresh air, to putting on my headphones and bringing my goggles down over my eye balls and scoping out what lines i wanna ride on the chair lift ride up..  It all boils down to that magical moment when you strap in, aim for the bottom and share your stoke with your friends… Stoke and memories that will last a life time.

I am FRRROTHING hard on the Rockwell Club jackets and the Resistance pants.  More so the Republic Jackitos in a Large in the Surplus colour line along with a Medium Tactic Cargo Pant in Haze.  This jacket and pant combo blends in with my work hard, play harder attitude along with being a jack of all trades on the hill, (lumber jack included!).  From park monster to powder slayer, this combo could hold their own, from Alaska to Australia.  Simple, effective, stylish with room to move, bend, and tweak.  I’d be the happiest dude on the mountain wearing these.  Knowing that if i piss my pants with 3CS excitement half way down the hill my epic pants will remain dry and smell free while my jacket is finding its way through chest deep powder! Yeeeewww!!!

If i win i pledge to only wear 3CS outerwear and spread the good 3CS word till i can’t snowboard anymore, or my legs fall off..  Which ever comes first smile

PeAcE! xx


Hello, Kia Ora, my name is Mags
And at the moment I am riding in rags.
I hail from a town fit for Queens,
Queenstown NZ is no place for riding in jeans.

A true blue local I was born on the snow
But at the moment I’m a student - money is low.
I can barely pay rent let alone afford new outerwear
And I know you at 3CS can help me out here!

Part time snowboard instructor and full time student,
With my snowboard gear there is heaps of room for improvement.
My current jacket has seen me through 5 seasons,
Its falling apart at the seams, but for wanting new gear this isn’t my only reason…

Being a girl on the slopes I hear constant snitchin’
About how I would be better off in the kitchen.
Now I know that I can outride half the boys
Buy they always seem to have cooler toys (snowboard gear).

With some fresh new kit I could show the boys up
Not only on the slopes but also with my getup!
I would defintely represent you guys well
Experience in both snowboarding & promo, I’m a lady who can sell!

I love the idea behind your new collection
If I were a boy your new line would give me an ... excited feeling.
Usually I’m a ‘Good Crew’ type girl,
But I’d love to give the fashion forward ‘Rockwell Club’ look a whirl.

In order to do this I’m asking you to kindly donate
The Cinder jacket to me in Ebony/Port (XL) - go on, be a mate!
To match these I’d love the Dakota pant (L) in black
I’m sure this combo will compliment my… Back.

You’ve asked for an answer convincing, passionate and honest,
You’ve found you’re girl, my poem is my promise:
I would be more than chuffed to rep your gear,
And even better, I’ll make it last me years.

And if by some bizarre feat this poem does not have you persuaded
Just take into consideration it took me 3 hours to write.
I want this so bad - to win I’d go shredding stark naked!
So please let me win this? I would jump in delight.

Cheers 3CS crew!
Yours sincerely,
Maggie Fea xx

Maggie’s wish list: kissing_heart  kissing_heart


      I’ve lived around the world (America, Australia, England and Switzerland) but nowheres have I seen snowboard outerwear likes 3CS’s Rockwell Club Collection. The collection reflects my vision of snowboarding: listening to classic rock, shredding the park with friends and having fun! 
      I would choose the Baltimore Tempest Black jacket (L) and Silas Port (M) snow pants because they provide a match to my relaxed, skate influenced riding style. I know that if I wear the Baltimore jacket I’ll always be able to listen to my tunes and experience the most out of riding. I can definitely count of the Silas snow pants to keep me warm when I fall in the park on cold powder days and keep me dry during the slushy springtime.  The Rockwell Collection is ready for any weather (whether it’s the Alps or Rockies) allowing me to keep on riding.


Due to unpopular demand, this post has been withdrawn!!!!!


Ohhh, and ya mates Edit was awesome, Surferguy!!!!!

Bet you were spewin that ya missed that one?????


What I liked about the Women’s Phoenix Collection was the attention to details for example the drawstring on the Sentry Jacket and the check arms and contrasting fabric on the Brunswick jacket. There is a lot of thoughtful extras like toggles, clips and extra zips that you don’t get in ‘supermarket’ outerwear. I’d go for the Brunswick jacket and Cliche trews and expect to be fighting my daughter off!


No Bumps Miz ya old fart!

deanobruce - 08 July 2014 08:42 PM

No Bumps Miz ya old fart!

Haha!! Yes!!  shaka

deanobruce - 08 July 2014 08:42 PM

No Bumps Miz ya old fart!

Piss off, Ankle Breaker!!!!!


Ahoy there 3CS peeps, like others on here i firstly wish to thank you for again having one of the most awesome comps to grace this little corner of the internets!!

Now look at this face.

Not a day goes by that i dont look at this face in amazement that something as un-appealing to the eye as my testicles were capable of producing something that is the complete opposite and extremely eye friendly. But dont let the sirens song of that face fool you into thinking things are all fluffy kittens and unicorn farts. That face is a money pit!!!

As you can see the monetary flow from my wallet at present does not lend itself to sporting the latest rad gear for shredding. Although I have to give it to the little man, he often tries to share his ‘wealth’ as can be seen in this pic

As much as i appreciate the gesture, id much rather be sporting the following 3CS setup in my ventures to the white stuff.

The radness of the Republic jacket in the Surplus colorway would disguise and allow the most violent Poonami to wash right off. Although my testicles produce appealing looking children, no one wants to see them in their native habitat so the Silas pant in Haze will keep those horrible things out of sight and mind.

My current outerwear is 3CS and like Jerry said when asked if he would fly coach in seinfeld after flying first class before, “I cant, I wont” wear anything else.
So unless for some reason the economy starts allowing the trading of the mountain of shit filled nappies I have at my disposal for goods and services I won’t be able to afford to look like the rad dad I know I am.

So there you have it, I hope you consider me for the prize.
I asked Pacey if he wanted me to win or had anything to ad and this was his reply



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I already love this kid! Poop away, my friend. Poop away… punch


LOL Nice one Radpants!!!!!

Playin the Cute Baby Card!!!!!

I bet you been usin it for lots of cleavage!!!!! Oops, I meant “leverage”!!!!!


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Even though I didn’t get much out of those videos (except for some gnarly tricks!), I checked out that new website by 3CS and I definitely think that I would fit into the The Rockwell Club. I like the fact that these outer wear can be worn on the slopes yet they also seem slim and stylish enough to hit the bars afterwards, whilst hopefully keeping me warm enough!
I would have to choose the Farmers Granite - Baltimore Jacket and Granite - Silas Pants. (both size medium). The seem like they match and the bright red of the Farmers Granite jacket will help the missus spot me out with her poor eye sight.

Cheers guys
Owen Ewart