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Win a 3CS Jacket and Pant of Your Choice!

So the collection of 3CS gear that I think I fit into is the Baltimore (Tempest Black) and Tactic Cargo (DarkGrey) combo because they are made perfectly for the Australian slopes.

This type of quality jacket and pants is greatly needed if I am going to shred the closest mountain to my home (Ben Lomond Tas, notorious for a nice sunny day then changing to wind and rain in about 30 seconds) because the cover is barely snow its more ice/ slush so without the right gear you can get very wet. The simple design and colour is also very appealing to me.

So recently after I grew out of my last jacket and pants so I haven’t really had a choice but ride around like this poor guy…


The Collection that fits me best is “The Goods Crew” because if you’re going to get gear then you may as well do it right. The waterproofing ratings on the 2 items from the collection are both very impressive and in a world where more is more then why not go for it. I like riding anywhere and everywhere in all conditions and try to travel around so any gear needs to be good enough to stand up to any conditions that I can throw at it from rain to powder. (something my current gear isn’t the best at doing.) 
To sum this up to stay comfortable, warm and dry I need the goods.

The goods collection is of course oriented towards quality and no BS, there is only one jacket and one pair of pants to chose from, but I really like the styles and colours available seeing as Blue is my favourite colour and standing out on the mountain is a good thing.

So that said the Jacket just has to be the Erebus in the Bones Cobalt colour scheme, I love the design and colour It’s the kind of jacket that is distinct, bright and visible on the mountain. but it’s not too out there so it’d still be great for wearing around town and using off the slopes whenever the weather is against you.
Size: L

Just look at that majestic design.

For pants it would have to be the 511 Sorsa Vigilante in the Ocean colour scheme. this is mostly to stand out and be bright and colourful and unlike the jacket ski pants aren’t usually needed in town so the fact that they are quite out there is perfect. again like the jacket these look quality and will get the job done for years to come. the fact that they are a shell is also perfect because when conditions vary so much you need to change the warmth level, which can be done 100% using under layers. I also love the blue colour and the versatility of the design.
Size: L

So blue and pretty

All in all 3CS gear looks great, and will definitely hold up to what I throw at it, unlike loads of other gear out there. because you guys are so cool I’d make sure that you got plenty advertising out of me, be it on mountain or on line.
Even if I don’t win you get my respect for holding such a competition, and I will strongly consider 3CS gear in the future.


This is mad! cheers to 3CS for this comp!

I have always wanted some quality threads to shred in. Above all The Rockwell collection is so fresh. Eye candy!! I absolutely dig the Baltimore Farmers Granite as I love the Urban look it has going on. Wear it in the mountains and in the streets. Mate I would wear that to death! The Staten Ebony would fit the Baltimore perfect as the dark colour of the pants would really make the red in the jacket stand out and that’s what ya want!! I have heard 3CS gear is quality as and will last for yonkers so that is a bonus! I also feel like 3CS gear will help my beard grow, I can see the manliness radiation off in the photos.

I love looking back at snowboarding photos and it would be mad to be able to stand out over my mates wearing absolutely mint gear. So yeah Medium Baltimore Farmers Granite jacket with Medium Staten Ebony pants would have me looking a notch above the rest. anomaly.

Thanks for ya time 3CS team.



‘The Rockwell club’ collection is my stomping grounds, the Baltimore jacket gets my saucehead points for style because of the vest look and the Silas pants cause of the skate style skinny jeans look… I’m into that shit!! haha LOL Serioulsy tho, I would turn heads strutting my stuff in that get up!!


My best shot at winning some awesome gear!

I really like the women’s Cinder Jacket especially the Cedar Ebony colors. I have a really long back so find it hard to get a good fit, the cedar jacket is the perfect length for me but not too bulky like some other jackets on the market. I like the color as I currently have bright orange pants but am wanting to tone it down a bit this season with something more earthy but will still go with my helmet. I really dig the toggles on this jacket as it something a little different and brings some sweet style to the jacket. The fur hood would be excellent to hide in on the windy days that we get in NZ!

The pants…
Cliche black pants to match the jacket. I love a good standard fit snowboard pant, got to have lots of give in the thigh region for all that intense squatting action that I do on my board. These have everything you need in pants, pockets, vents, gaiters what more could I ask for?


3cs are rad! The best Aussie outerwear company
Hands down!!
I am def a goods crew man- high tech in waterproofing and breathability and lots of well thought out features.!

I would love the Erebus jacket - awesome style, lots of features & laminated fabric, and the 511 vigilante sorsa pants cos they are bad ass!

Yes please.


Firstly, I am a 16 year old shredder who has been waiting and waiting for an opportunity to get some good gear like this from 3CS. I found your product line about 2 years ago on a Boardworld video, since then I have been eyeing off outfits every season. Unfortunately I never had enough dosh to lash out on some sick gear. So here’s my opportunity..
I’d say I fit into the resistance and the rockwell collection. Because on one side its classy and stylish, then on the other it’s fairly indie.
So I combined the two and come up with: (tough decision by the way, took me half an hour)

Jacket -
Republic, surplus.
Size - S

Reason: I’m not quite sure why the murky green sort of colour did it for me but hey, looks sick. I can just imagine me cruising down the mountain, beats in, rocking 3CS outwear (making everyone else jealous) and looking fresh.

Pants -
Tactic cargo, haze
Size - S

Reason: I needed something a little more plain to go with the sick green jacket. However, every man and their dog has black plants, that’s why I have chosen the stylish, grey. Like black, they go with everything (especially this jacket), have a nice looking fit and have internal waist adjustments (as I am a skinny kid)

Thankyou for the opportunity to finally own some 3CS threads, the 13th of July can’t come around quick enough!


Wow, what a great prize! We’re going on a 10-day winter hike in Cradle Mountain late August (crazy, I know) and this gear would be great to wear on that trek. For the jacket, I really like the Surplus Sentry because I love green and I love jackets with pockets, because if I can stuff my things in my pockets I can carry less on my back (yay!). I also like the light insulated sleeves as I am very active and get hot and sweaty if wearing anything too heavy-duty.

For the pants, the Ebony Camino - they look so stylish and I love the charcoal colour and I reckon they’d be great paired with anything on top. They’d be just as useful bushwalking as going to the pub afterwards for a drink. (Pick me, please…) grin


Hey, first of all great clothing, some of the best looking clothing on the mountains these days.

I would definitely fit the rockwell club. Just as you have the finest details on everyday fashion, I like to find the finest powder and snow in life and do my finest snowboarding, whether it be in Austria or Australia. The Rockwell Range would be my group.

The reason for entering this comp is to try and get myself a new set of snow gear as a little accident happened while on the slopes in Austria. While Have an awesome night with some local people in the little town of Ellmau, we decided to go night tobogganing after having a few beers. This became a weekly activity, but one night while trying to do my finest tobogganing we came across a secret path which we thought we be an amazing ride down. Little did we know, that half way down this track we would come across a road with no snow cover. Hitting the gravel, I was thrown face first over the front of my toboggan and hit the ground ripping my snow pants and jacket. Meanwhile my girlfriend, who was on the same toboggan, landed on top of me wetting herself laughing… it took me a while to see the funny side but I got there after the pain settled down. I now need some new gear so I can hit the slopes in Australia in a couple of weeks, and a possible Japan trip in the future.

A new set of Rockwell snow gear would be the perfect inspiration to get to me to the snow more.

My choice in the rockwell collection would be the Republic Jacket (Large) in the Port Dark Colour
Also the Staten Pants (Medium) in Port.
These two items would compliment my Snowboard and other snow gear. Perfect Snow gear for me.

Keep making great clothes,



I love the look and feel of the Tomohawk Jacket in Haze. Not only does it look awesome, it has the tech for the epic pow days in Hakuba where its run after run of waist deep runs. 15,000mm waterproofing and fully taped seems will hold up a lot better than my current jacket thats seen better days.

I would pair the Tomohawk with the Tactic Cargo Pants in Ocean. Again, they have the tech to keep me warm and dry for a full day ripping pow. Plus they look steezy.

To be honest, I’d take anything from 3CS’s line. I’ve loved 3CS’s design and quality, ever since I bought some gear from the Satellite series in 2008.


* (Spoken in the Third Person, voice over Done by James Earl Jones!!!!!)

Why should Mizu win these sweet sweet 3CS Outerthreads?????

Well, not only just because he’s a 4 Time Undisputed Champion Croc Wrestler from the Top End (NSW), a 3rd place World Contender for President of the Coomaditchie Dart Club, and also newly accepted into the Madeline Albrights School for Speed Readers on a Scholarship for Underprivileged Sausage Makers * (Southern Hemisphere League)

Buuuut….. he’s also desperately in need of some new Breathable Garments, that are not only oxygen supplying to the Epidermis, and therefore being crucial to the upkeep of his Stratum Corneum to an acceptable standard with the regulatory body of the World Health Organisation’s First World Skin Condition Legislation (Paragraph 4, Column D) Guidelines!!!!! But they’d also have to be extremely water repellent to the extent of keeping all of his body hair in pristine condition, and all while still being so indubitably stylish, that one can make the Red carpet at the Logies turn Green simply upon exiting from the Stretch Hummer!!!!! (Hired from Leichardt Limo’s that he organised the night before, around the time Bert Newton called to let him know about his potential nomination as best newcomer extra on Home and Away!!!!!) * (In YOUR Face, Lisa McCune, in YOUR Face!!!!!)

Plus besides all of this, you can kinda tell that Mizu a little behind in the style stakes at the moment!!!!! * (See pic below!!!!!) * (Due to no fault of his own though) * (He solely places the blame on Shaun White and the FIS) vvvvv

“Now this is what I’m Talkin Bout”!!!!! * (Think Shannon Noll!!!!!)

Introducing Mizu in the Ultimate Combination of Protection and Sex Appeal, He’s cleverly sporting the 3CS Erebus in Ebony Black Colour Way, with industry leading features such as 20,000mm x 15,000g Epidermis Fortification, Fully Seam Sealed, and NANO DWR Coating Properties, on his Croc Wrestling Buffed Torso, and cleverly combined with the 3CS 511 Sorsa Vigilante in the sliming tones of Dark Grey, with amazing offerings such as 15,000mm x 10,000g testicle skin wrinkle protection, Fully Seam Sealed, and DWR Coating as standard options, on his mega masculine salacious shanks (no Chicken Legs here, folks), that completes this ensemble that will not only win him hearts, but a bucket full of medals both on and off the mountain!!!!! * (Deep Breaths Ladies!!!!! Deep Breaths!!!!!) * (Now you can look!!!!!)

* (Mizu choose XL Sizing in both garments so as not to be mistaken for some Slalom Skier from the Le Deux Alpes Olympic Contingency Team, wearin some skin tight Lycra getup that ends up givin the ladies a good ogle at the pants candy!!!!!)

(Spoken in the voice of Mizu now!!!!!)

In all honesty, after ownin 3CS Outerwear, it’s really hard to go past another brand when you know that not only the product works superbly on any continent, it also has been made to last!!!!!

These are the reasons why others will want 3CS for years to come, and why the 3CS brand won’t be the one that wrecks a snow trip due to poor design or manufacturing!!!!!

Keep up the excellent work, and keep doin the Aussie Snow Sport Industry proud!!!!! shaka

* The real reasons for my choice above, are that they are the pieces that will suit me best no matter what country I’m ridin in, and no matter what conditions I’m facin at the time!!!!!

Thanks for listening,

Love Mizu!!!!!

(In the Voice of that dude that offers the bonus Steak Knives)

But wait, there’s more!!!!!

Here’s a taste of memories that I’ve shared with my current 3CS Clobber!!!!!

Summonin Chuck Norris from a Snowmobile in The Callahan Valley!!!!!

Gettin a Bus unstuck in Nozawa Village!!!!!

As a Cocktail Jacket for Sake Time in Higashiyama!!!!!

Ridin the Cow in Whistler!!!!!

Ridin in the Valley Of Fresh, Yamabiko!!!!!


Hey everyone, first of all a massive shout out to 3CS and BoardWorld for putting this promotion together. Whoever wins this is definitely going to have an awesome time with their new gear!

The new range of 3CS gear looks awesome! If I am 100% honest, the past ranges of 3CS gear hasn’t really appealed to me due to them normally being a bit bland (in my opinion). I know a lot of people dig the single colour and logo, but it isn’t really for me. In the new line though, my eye has really been caught by the LTD 5-11 Series. I have fallen in love with the 511 Sorsa 2 in 1 Jacket. These styles are what I have been dying for 3CS to bring to the table, as I know how great the quality is but the aesthetics weren’t there for me, until now! The collab with Heikki is awesome and I hope you guys continue on this path!

The reason why I’d love to win this promotion is because I currently don’t have a snowboarding jacket, and just spent my savings on a month snowboarding holiday in Japan from December to January and also grabbing a new stick from right here at BoardWorld (2015 Arbor Coda 160 for those playing at home, thanks again to Jez from BoardWorld for his awesome assistance in getting me the board!).

My old jacket was in the boot of my car as I drove to my staff Christmas party, with the goal of making the most of the free booze and then stumbling back to my car to sleep so that I don’t kill anyone (or myself) by trying to drive home. When I jumped in my car to sleep, I couldn’t figure out how to put the seats down (I wonder why) so I just reached into the boot to grab my jacket.. but it felt slimy.

So I just “manned up” and slept there without it (some may say passed out, but what do they know). I woke up shivering my ass off but definitely more sober so I went to the boot to grab my jacket and saw that the slimyness from last night was actually the 5 litres of engine oil that I keep in the boot had spun the lid of and leaked all over my jacket. Not exactly the best cure for a hangover, and I promise you won’t enjoy it if you try it yourself. :(

So basically my situation is, I’m in love with snowboarding. I work a 9-5 in a state where there is no snow, and I take all my holidays at one time to go riding. This year is a month in Japan, last year was a month in New Zealand. The year before that was a month down at Thredbo.

If I do win this, I’d absolutely love a Large of the 100 5-11 series Jackets in the Temptest style. Currently my plan for a Jacket in Japan is to just wing it and see how I go, but this would make it so much better (and save me wearing 2 thermals, 12 tee shirts and a hoodie!). As for the pants, I already have pants so I don’t really need them. I’d prefer they went to someone else who needed them, but for the sake of the competition a Large 5-11 would be the size I would choose.

I know I am not someone who clocks 80 days a season, or does triple corks or 20ft drops. But I am in love with snowboarding and I hope that you guys can help me out of a bind!



Personally i like riding gear that with a looser fitting jacket and tighter pants, its just like skating through the streets on a cold day with jeans and a hoodie!!!! this is why i like the rockwell collection it street fashion that looks comfortable hitting the Famous Down Flat Red Ledge in Quebec City, Sledding the Backcountry of Sqaumish, Deep pow runs in Japan or even corduroy laps In Aus. Street wear that does not look out of place dropping cliffs.

As for what i would like to wear:

For a jacket i would like the 511 Sorsa 2 in 1 (farmer) Size X/L because it is so versatile, i could put a hoodie underneath and wear it one a cold day shredding, i can take the vest of for Spring riding or even wear it walking to the pub on a night out.

An for Pants defiantly the Silas (granite) Size Large not to tight but not to baggy!


Welcome to Boardworld, morphie331. shaka


For me it’s the Women’s Sentry jacket (in Surplus) and the Camino pants (in Ebony). That colour jacket just has a cool military kind of feel to it - and so gives off a rugged feel. For pants you just can’t go wrong with a solid dark colour with a heap of pockets.

I’d be absolutely stoked to win this gear because it would greatly reduce my chances of divorce when the husband and I head to Canada next year as the 20,000 x 15,000 quality will reduce my likelihood and ability to complain about being cold and wet!