Foam pitts and Trampoline gyms - Any in VIC?


This is a new tramp board product we recently started selling. Dean Bercovitch, is killing it on this board!


Hi Folks,

In Vic there’s a place called Bounce Inc, when you can try all that bouncing stuff out… I went a while ago and I can see myself going once I want to learn how to backflip.

And there’s a few places in Vic.


Yeh bounce in vic has a few locations across Melbourne and there is also Jump in Rowville too

zhenjie - 29 November 2009 09:50 PM

Just thought I’d update this thread. After months I finally found a place that teaches trampolines lessons for adults! Check out if anyone is interested. Run Monday nights in Hawthorn, VIC.

Its incredibly fun and great training for both general fitness and cross training for snowboarding. Did my first backflip ever in the first class (with the help of support and teachers haha).
Anyone interested come and join us smile. We have around 6 other snowboarders in the class so its a great group to learn with.

This is super tempting - I’ve been to bounce a couple of times and did my first frontflip. I also realised just how unfit I am after an hour session but I had so much fun! How much is the adult session?

Might give it a go with my gf in the next few weeks.. I really want to do my first backflip on a tramp!



PoderPakPark is doing a Freestyle/Tramp program.

Check out their fb for more info.


Was just about to post this! Looks like it would be heaps fun. Might check it out in a couple of weeks.


I’m happy to say I just bought one of your tramp boards Nev! And a balance rail :D

I’ve been tramping occasionally here in Jindabyne, but I can barely use their tramp boards because the front half of my foot hangs over cause they are so narrow. I’m hoping I can center my feet way better with one of your boards.
Unfortunately there’s no where to use it on the central coast that I know of. But I’ll put it to good use in Jindy next season for sure ollie

(If anyone knows of any tramp places on the central coast NSW, please let me know)


Andy, wanna to come to tramp class on Wednesday night at Warriewood or Narrabeen - can’t remember.

There is a bunch of us going this Wednesday.

Its $20.

here’s the thread

Andy Aitken - 13 October 2014 12:31 PM

(If anyone knows of any tramp places on the central coast NSW, please let me know)

You haven’t looked very hard! haha There is a flip out in Gosford and also one in Charmhaven. Pretty sure you’re on the southern end of the cenny coast if I remember correctly.

10 Hely St
(Off Central Coast Hwy, Behind Hungry Jacks and Red Rooster)
West Gosford NSW 2250


Oh really? Hahahaha teacherboy

I don’t really live on the coast any more. I just go there for a few weeks between seasons to see my family. So that’s my excuse lol.

Thanks for the info Cords cheese I’ll hit that up for sure.
I thought I would only be practising rails in the shoulder season, but I’ll be stoked to get my new board on a tramp now too! Cheers.

(Actually now that you mention it, I do remember hearing my little nephew going to a place where a guy broke his neck in a foam pit. But I thought it was a kids only place.)

Andy Aitken - 14 October 2014 11:18 AM

(But I thought it was a kids only place.)

We are all just big kids!


True that.
Apparently it’s been closed for a while but I think it just re-opened (or it;s about to).
So when I get my board I’ll go hit it up. Maybe we could make a BW day of it?


Dont think I’ve posted it yet, but Im now working at Bounce haha

I havent been bouncing the past couple of weeks since I broke my hand skating, but before that I had back flips, rodeos and corked 5s down on the tramp board rocker


^ What? cool. Which one you work at maybe it’s time for me to start this tramping thing. =)


Blackburn. only realistically jump once a fortnight. Gonna try to spend more time there after work during the weeks. Even if its just half an hour