Nitro x Drink Sexy Optisym Snowboard 2022

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The Nitro x Drink Sexy snowboard encompasses YungDoli and his passion for butters, style, taps, flatland tricks, coping combos, and snowboarding how he wants to Surf Sexy style. This board will give you the confidence to ride the way you want to ride - with true individual style all over the mountain.

The Nitro x Drink Sexy Asym Twin Shape is equipped with Nitro´s brand new heelside core technology, called the Powerwall, which provides more durability and strength to the heel sidewall and more agility when on your heel edge. The mid-wide shape reduces toe and heel drag, which is essential for progressing your carves, butters, and flatland tricks. The overall asymmetrical twin shape and Dual Degressive sidecut allows for endless control when carving and navigating the entire mountain. The Cam-Out Camber and Whiplash Core Profile allows quick and high ollie power while maintaining a flex pattern in the nose and tail that will enable you to hold butters like a pro. If you are looking for a mid-wide freestyle board for side hits, buttering, carving, and jibbing anything on the mountain with your true inner style.

  • Type: Park, Beginner/Advanced
  • Shape: Asym Twin
  • Profile: Cam-Out Camber
  • Flex: 5/10 
  • Sidecut: Dual Degressive
  • Base: Premium Extruded FH Base
  • Core: Power Core 2, Whiplash Core Profile
  • Glass: Bi-Lite Laminates
  • Edge: Railkiller Edge, Ureshred Sidewalls, Powerwall


Size Waist Width (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Setback (mm)
146 245 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 0
149 248 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 0
153 252 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 0
156 255 9.0 / 5.6 / 9.0 0

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