Lobster Eiki Helgason Pro Model 151 Snowboard 2018

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With 25 years on a snowboard and 20 video parts, Eiki knows a thing or two about snowboards. His latest pro model has been designed with street and park progression in mind. While thinking of fresh ways to ride a snowboard, he came up with a unique way of doing the tip and tail of his deck.

  • True Twin
  • Soft Flex
  • Jib 3BT Base Tech
  • Core Core Bamboo
  • Biax Laminate
  • Ultra Glide S
  • Extra Carbon Layups
  • Waist Width: 251mm 

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NoToBo — Full Movie

Brought to you by Sexual Snowboarding
Eiki Helgason — Full Part

Eiki Helgason — Full Part

Eiki's full part from the "Nation" video

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