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Globe Complete Skateboard Guide

Generally speaking, Globe complete skateboards are split into four main categories and price points. These are the Goodstock, G1, G2 & G3 categories. You’ll see these descriptors in the title of all our Globe complete product listings. But what are the differences? What does it all mean?


Globe’s best-priced complete offering is the Goodstock. At $119.95, this is an incredible price point for a fully assembled, ready-to-go skateboard. Don’t let the price fool you; the deck is pressed with Globe’s epoxy resin, which makes it lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting than normal water-based decks. You’re also getting Tensor trucks – in this case, the classic Tensor Alloys – along with 52 or 53mm wheels in 99A hardness. These wheels are slightly softer than those you’ll find on Globe’s more expensive setups, but that makes them perfect for beginners or younger skaters starting out, as they're best suited to skatepark terrain. Besides, even some professionals prefer riding 99A wheels. The main catch with Goodstock? The graphics; they’ll usually be pretty basic. No artist fees means a cheaper product for you. Sometimes simpler is better anyhow.

Globe Goodstock 8.38” Complete Skateboard - Sahara

Globe Goodstock 8.38” Complete Skateboard - Sahara

Members: AU$125.96 (Normally: AU$139.95) Sizes: 8.38
Globe Goodstock 8.25” Complete Skateboard - Neon Purple

Globe Goodstock 8.25” Complete Skateboard - Neon Purple

Members: AU$125.96 (Normally: AU$139.95) Sizes: 8.25


A step-up from Goodstock is G1. To be honest, the differences between the Goodstock and G1 are almost wholly aesthetic; you’re getting the same epoxy resin deck, the same Tensor trucks, the same 99A wheels and, like every Globe complete, Abec-7 bearings. If you’re after something with a bit more expression than a blank Goodstock, though, the G1 is a great option. You’ll usually find some of Globe’s best artwork and graphics on the G1, including collaborations with internationally-renowned artists and the like, and you might notice more varied wheel and truck colours compared to the Goodstock. Expect to pay around $20 more for the G1, which, like the Goodstock, is a perfect board for any beginner or younger skater starting out.


Okay, now we’re stepping it up some! The G2 is a solid setup aimed at the older beginner or intermediate skateboarder. You’re getting Globe’s tried-and-tested epoxy resin deck, just like the G1, but the Tensor trucks this time around feature hollow kingpins – that makes them lighter and stronger than the G1 and Goodstock. You’re also getting harder wheels on the G2 – 101A instead of 99A – which are aimed more for those who want to skate the streets, as opposed to just skateparks. The G2 wheels are made with Globe's Conical Street Formula and are built to handle the type of rough terrain you might find in the streets. To cap it off, the G2 often features higher-end graphics and artwork – things like embossed deck art, split-colour veneers, and all sorts of good graphic stuff. We recommend the G2 for those who want to hit the streets and get a little more technical. You can expect to pay somewhere in the $160-$170 region for these.

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Things are heating up now! The G3 is Globe’s premium complete setup. While most completes are designed for beginner-intermediate level skateboarders, the G3 is a genuine setup worthy of just about anyone. The deck this time around features Globe’s renowned Impact Support: Impact carbon fibre laminate discs disperse impact shock from the truck mounting points which makes them stronger, poppier, and longer-lasting than normal decks. You’ll see these used in professional-grade decks from brands like Enjoi and Almost, too. On top of that, you’re also getting an upgrade in trucks: Tensor’s Mag Light trucks are 29% lighter than the industry standard, guaranteed for life, and are the preferred option of many professional skateboarders with their smooth grinding and fast turning. Wheels on the G3 are also 101A, moulded with Globe’s high-rebound urethane for upgraded performance, and with Globe's Park Formula they're a perfect hybrid between park and street. To top it off, you’ll usually find the best-of-the-best graphics on the G3 – sometimes slick bottoms, holographic or foil finishes, or just plain brilliant artwork from some of the world’s best skate artists. The G3 is as good as you’ll get, really.

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