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So dope! you should come show me in the FV park.. Yewwzuuuurs.


You riding perisher this year Stellvadore? Would be hella keen for a shred of FV park if you are about - let me know!


Feeling pretty stoked this weekend after hitting up Perisher yesterday. Not only did we get some awesome pow riding in lapping double trouble but we were up there nice and early and hit up the V8 for a few laps before the rest of the lifts started opening and before it got too busy. I’ve been working on trying to tidy up my turns / carving on the groomers this season and the groomer was in top knick first up. Was really focusing on pressure control on my heel edge and turned around to have a look and found that nice tight thin line behind me. I was stoked!

This is a pretty big thing for me - not just because I’ve struggled a bit with getting pressure control nailed without sliding but because I have had a bit of a tough time with groomers since I had a massive stack on a groomer in Japan last year and ended up cutting the trip short, surgery and sitting out the Aussie ‘16 season.

One thing that has really helped me has been reading through some of the old threads that had a lot of talk about carving, turning, pressure control etc.

I was also absolutely loving it in through the trees yesterday - felt that I was really picking some nice lines, thinking ahead and getting a good flow going and not jumping on the brakes when the trees got a bit tighter and freaking out. 

Feeling generally pretty stoked this season! shaka ollie