Nth America road trip


Nornthern’s got some good advice there - the Force is strong with him.

I did a similar trip to what you’ve got planned (see trip report above), and I lived in the US for 5 years doing the snow bum thing; if you have any questions fell free to ask whatever.

It’s easy to travel in the US. Hire a car if you want to learn something about the place. Accomm is cheap and there’s lots of it. We didn’t have an itinerary, rather just went were we heard was good. We started off booking 2-3 days ahead; taking advantage of the online ‘last minute’ deals, and towards the end of the trip we didn’t bother booking till the afternoon of the day we needed somewhere to stay. Would pull into Maccas, steal wifi in the carpark, get a crazy last minute deal! Never failed.

Just read more of your posts: Driving is definitely cheaper. Yes, flights are cheaps, but the hidden costs will quickly add up: transfers from airport to snow, cabs everywhere; baggage allowance cons. Plus it’s easy to do stuff like go to walmart and buy bulk food and water… and air rifles…


i can vouch for the walmart and buying weapons i.e. air rifles, bb guns etc. ran amok in our hotel room in vegas. swear the cleaning ladies would have been finding steel/plastic pellets for weeks


I’m at work and on my phone so I may have missed it but what month did you both travel in? Will be cut if there is no snow.

So you ha no trouble winging it and booking things on the fly?

Just read both TRs, definately making me even more keen for our trip


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