Knee Surgery rehab


Hey Guys,

just over 10 weeks ago, i had a knee surgery (key hole/arthroscopy) on my left knee (first time). recovery seem to be goign well and i started training again (wrestling, running, weights) but it still seem to be playing up a little at times. like it’s aching day to day and it doesnt click but makes this funny sound which doesn’t really hurt.

so just wonderign if soem of you guys happen to experience that, and possibly have some kind of advice or special workout technique.. im not plannign to go to the snow till late july so still have time to get my knee confident.



Hey there,

Its still early days so your knee is still healing.

What was the reason you needed the surgery in the first place? What exactly did the surgeon end up doing?

The funny sound may mean that your knee has an instability, or your muscles are too weak!

Have you gone to a physio for rehab? It not, it may be a good idea, as you need to be doing strengthening exercises, which should help with the instability. Strengthening the quads is very necessary post knee surgery, and it’s really important to have 100% strength before you go back to sport.

If the funny sound is associated with pain, then that would be of more concern. The achy pain is normal, especially if you have just started training again. I’d advise that you still ice your knee after training.

Has the swelling fully subsided? Just remember to listen to your knee. Are you doing too much too soon? Perhaps build up slowly. Get your knee used to stabilising and taking big loads gradually. Wrestling, running and weights sounds like a lot. Rest is sometimes best!

Physio Bec.


Hey Bec,

Thanx. yea im not quite sure when did it initially happen, but the last thing i did before my knee completely went is grappling (bjj to be specific, but havent put any pressure on it as i remember). i had knee athroscopy, and tore my medial meniscus, two pieces were floating around and all he had to do just remove them, so surgery was relatively simple.

Haven’t done any physio rehab, and he said theres no need for physio, but did show couple of excercises like leg raises (i think thats whats it called) but i have been doing some excercises on the side as well, like leg press and others; teardrop is seem to be workign jsut fine now. and i do ice my knee everytime after excercise and after a long day

As for swelling, it’s completely gonne. so its quite well. and the funny noice usually comes when im sleeping and moving my knee up, or when i’ve been sitting for a while(i dont think it happens during the training), so could it be coz my knee isnt warmed up??



Hi Vlad,

It’s hard to say, but joints (especially weight bearing joints like the knees and hips) are usually stiffer after sleeping or not moving them for a while eg after sitting for a long period of time, especially post operatively. A stiff joint can also cause an achy pain.

Im glad you mentioned warning up. Not warming up may not be the cause of your pain/the sound, but it will certainly help get your knee ready for exericse or sport.

Hope that helps.



Awesome, thanx Becky


Dont know if it helps, but I also get the odd click in either knee usually when I bend/move it after resting or on a bus etc. My girlfriend gets it in her hip occasionally. My little brother gets it in his toe. No pain though. So it could be pretty normal…



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Hey @Dolph ,

Actually, what you’re going through is normal. It is normal for the knee to be in pain. The pain will persist until it’s fully healed and it would take a couple of months for your knee to recover and regain its normal movement. The training you’re doing is good. It’s advisable to continue, but also expect the pain because it’s a part of the recovery process.

Orthopedic Surgeon


Resistance bands are great for rehab. Really helped a lot when I had an acl injury.


I actually came here looking for similar advice. Since that was a year ago did you rehab okay? I’m in roughly the same boat you were. I’m currently 11 weeks back from the same surgery. I’ve been working on casual rehab, but the physical therapists said it might be a while till I can tackle a mountain again.

Issue I’m having is I’m back at work and since I’m a software developer I’m desk bound most of the day. I’m looking at finding ways to get more work now that I’m pretty much done with the PTs. My knee seems more sensitive now though.

I was looking at treadmills lately since they have cushioning systems and easier on joints. True? I’m in Utah so it’s like stupid hot and walking outside is both hot/full of hard surfaces that aren’t great on joints so I’m looking at indoor options.

Any help somebody can give is appreciated.


hey guys,

The back of your knee should stay in contact with the blanket or towel during the exercise. Bend your non-surgical leg with your foot flat on the bed. Tighten the muscles on the top of your thigh, stiffening your knee. Raise your surgical leg up (about 12 inches), keeping your knee straight.

thanks and regards
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