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Why is this being posted? Well its to let you know the pros and cons of buying off a website.
Yes place like skate warehouse are a lot cheaper than your local skate shop but have you thought of why?
Pros for skate warehouse are the cheaper price. Why is that? Because all they have to pay for are a warehouse and Internet.
Cons well what about when you need help.
When your axle nut comes off or your trucks need tightening where you do you go? You need some work done on your board can they help you?
Your local skate shop has the tools to help you fix up your board up. They also can go through product with you allowing you to get a feel for product as well. You will also know the product that you are getting. Sure you maybe paying more but your getting a service to help you out. If price is a problem look at Aussie brands they can generally save you anywhere from $20-$60.
At the end of it all support your local store to have the support you will need. The less you help them, the less product they can get which means when you need us we may not be there.


Well said CJ. The debate will always rage but there are so many reasons to support your local store. Fact is you can’t convince everyone and some people will always use the internet no matter what you tell them. Stores put so much emphasis on customer service and I think that is super important. Customer service is one thing you can’t replace on the internet. That said I also think the big companies supplying online stores like skate warehouse should do more to support stores. Big companies should do whatever they can to pull their products off the internet. In the end they are biting the hand that feeds them. Some snowboard brands have taken initiative like this, and I think more should follow.


Plain and simple, the internet cannot do what a person can (yet), support your local skate shop and they will support you.


Very true. Support your local store. I tried a board from skate warehouse. Big mistake. The board warpped and chipped away not to menion i ordered a 7.75 and got an 8.


I didnt think just saying i support my local skate store was enough, so i made a logo for it smile

... Defiantly make a sticker for this