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My Toy Machine is coming to an end and I’ve been thinking about what my next deck is gonna be.
Any suggestions?


Personally I would go with Zero. I have had nothing but good experiences with their decks. Having also worked in a skate shop for 6 years, I have not heard anything negative about Zero from any customers.

The only thing I strongly want to suggest is not buying a board manufactured in China.


Where are the good boards manufactured in?


USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico etc..

Best to research the brands you are buying before you pruchase. You would be surprised how many big brands are pressing boards in China to save themselves money. End of the day the quality of the board isn’t as good, but their prices stay the same. Support brands putting quality ahead of money.


Jeremy is right. You would be amazed at how many companies are pressing their boards in china all for the sake of a fatter wallet. Most board companies press there boards in a controlled enviroment which means they have more consistent boards. Companies that press in china don’t have as much quality control.
Here are some companies that manufacture great boards. Just remember not everyone likes the shape of a board and it doesn’t mean its bad.
BLACK BOX-zero, mystery, slave
DELUXE-real, krooked, antihero, stereo
WATSON-toy machine, foundation
Hope this has been helpful.


real boards are really good ive had 2 or 3 and havent snapped any of em


Reals for sure, there so good


depends where your area code is but if you can get to an stm then i say go for a JART they have nice shapes, nice pop and long lasting.


Alien Workshop Moonpop decks are extremely strong and won’t. Theyre the most advanced technology AW has ever used. I just bought one and it’s sooo awesome.


I’d recommend either a zero or mystery. I’ve had about 4 zeros and 2 mysteries since I started skating and they’ve got a really nice shape to them, a slightly bigger nose and tail than most decks. If you look at the crazy gaps and stair sets Chris Cole and Ryan Smith jump down, you know they’re not going to give up on you and fall apart under your feet.


New cliche boards are crazy. some new Keystone technology. carbon fibre inserts.

That’ll be my next board


A lot of companies are starting to use carbon fibre inserts on their boards to dampen impact. One thing is some of these companies use an epoxy glue to bond the board together. Epoxy is a strong bonding agent but for me it seems to not work that well with skate decks. I find they go soggy in a shorter time frame than board that use wood glues and a cold press.
If you are looking to get a carbon fibre deck check out the boards by toy machine and foundation. They have the fibrelam and fibre prime boards which use carbon fibre in their construction.


Alien or baker.


I’ve actually got an antihero right now and it’s really good. If you like big decks, they’re one of the only companies that makes anything above 8.25. Also they’re really stiff and have a deep concave. That’s what I prefer and if you like deep concave, go Antihero.

teeLOVE - 23 November 2010 01:06 PM

Alien or baker.

Alien for sure out of those two. I haven’t skated a baker, but I am skating a workshop at the moment and its good.

Slave are a company coming out with some big boards right now. They have a 8.88 with some killer concave.


i like baker boards alot despite the weird shape. how ever at the moment I am skating a jart pro model with extra concave and i havent skated a board this good in months