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Where Is Your Wood From?

I was having a conversation today about the quality of skateboards at the moment. There are some real quality brands out there, but it seems that many popular brands are moving many of their lower grade products to manafacturers in China. It sounds silly talking about what is in reality a plank of wood, but it is important that you know what your buying when you buy it. So when buying a board, have a look at the engravings where the nose-end bolts should go and see where the board was pressed. Boards pressed in the USA, Canada and European Union are pressed using a much more thorough process, whereas boards manafactured in China and Mexico tend to be made with less care and effort.

You won’t regret buying a well manafactured board, as they are guaranteed to last longer and ride better, but more importantly supporting these companies (who charge basically the same price to give you quality rather than for their own profit) promotes quality skateboard manafacture from other brands.

So in short, next time your buying a board, ask for one pressed in a developed country. Hype guarantees you won’t be sorry.



good call bro enjoi and black label made a big mistake getting their boards made in china. Dumb decision very dumb indeed…


I hate those dodgy boards. I had a black label once and it was completely hopeless. They make so you can treat it like crap it seems.


Its funny though some people couldn’t care less though about where their plank is made. It has to have that name on it otherwise its no good. So to all those skaters who want good wood that last and your not paying out the nose for check where its pressed. Some aussie companies are offering good wood and are usually 20-30 dollars less. Other options are companies like black box Aus who adjust their pricing to the dollar so you get good wood for less.


If your one of these people who is all brand happy, like you can’t skate well unless you feel like a human billboard, then go for pro model boards as they are almost always made well. Good call by CJ Parker too about Aussie boards, keep supporting Australian industry!!!!


Had a $100. Went into STM in the junction n got myself a JART. Stickn wit them. Dope boards n affordable. cool smirk


Jart are made in one of the best factories in Europe (Spain). Quality boards.