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Thunder Trucks!

Thunder trucks are simply the best in my perspective. They hold under pressure, I have never had a snapped kingpin and they last a very long time. Very consistent trucks and wouldn’t use anything else.


They are one of the most popular trucks out there for a reason. They turn and grind good, also have a few different models for those who want to lighten their load. One thing I have noticed though is the hollow point king pins seem to snap a lot though.


Don’t get the thunder lights. I’m pretty sure that they’re the only ones with the hollow kingpin


Hells yeah boys the thunders are awesome… im lovin’ em


yeah there pretty hard to beat!


Definately, Thunders are where its at!


Keep your eyes peeled for the new gen of thunder trucks. The thunder with titanium axle.


Thunder titanium has now landed. With a hollow point king pin and light weight base plate there is now way you will feel these trucks on your deck.


I’ve personally never had a pair of thunders before. So far the best 2 sets I’ve had are Aces and Destructo. They both just turn really nicely (you’ll wanna buy some new bushings straight away for aces though) and have got a fair bit of clearway between the grinding surface of the hangar and the kingpin. Thunders sound nice though, might get some next time.


Im a reformed Thunder rider, got a bunch of bad ones in a row

Decided to give those Arto Destructos a go cos of the lifetime warranty and im psyched