You MUST pick one answer to the question, BEFORE you can supply your own Multiple Choice Question!!!!!

I’ll Start With,

Q: If you were bustin to go to the toilet (Brown Alert) to the point of no return, would you -

(A) Go to the Ladies Toilets if the Mens were unavailable,even though there were women and children in the facility at the time?????

(B) Go and hide behind the nearest shrub in someones garden, even though there are people that can easily see what your up to?????

(C) Just fill ya pants and deal with it when ya got home?????


Because you have a perfectly good excuse to use their bathrooms

Q: If you were trapped in a burning house and there were only 3 ways out which one would you choose?

(A) Jump out the window and land on some sharp bushes and glass from the broken window

(B) Run through the fires but suffer from very serious burns

(C) Hope that your scared enough you pee out some of the flames LOL


A. Chicks dig scars !!!!!

Q. Your standing at the top of the V8 at Perisher, looking down at the hit line, knowing full well that you can’t clear the 80 footer (not you K2)

1. Feign illness and call ski patrol for assistance.

2. Purposely drill yourself on the battleship rail on the way down.

3. Hit it at full speed and overshoot, knocking yourself out, breaking ribs and blackening an eye.