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Boardworld Skater Progress Thread


Skated this morning for the first time in a while at Berwick skate park. Got a solid 2 hours in. Still got kickflips, pop shuv-its, varials and all the stuff I used to be able to do, which was a good start! LOL

Can still 50-50 the bank to flat, back board the bank to flat, 50-50 the down, back board the down.

- 360 pop shuv-it, can get these about every 5th go.
- Back board on the bank to flat fakie out.

Hopefully going to be skating more in the next few months, probably get down there again next weekend if the weather is good.

Want to start getting front boards and lip slides down.

This is what the park looks like :

(older photo, but you get the idea, heaps less bark around now which is good)


Went down to Chadstone/Phoenix skatepark for the first time ever, pretty good setup, good ledges, rails, euro gap.

Not much new stuff happening today, but got back boards on a bigger rail and getting better at varials.

Here’s a pic for those who haven’t been/want to know what it looks like.

This one is (from an older pic, but you get the idea.

Good park, good times.


Nice Koper. God i wish I was that good on a skateboard LOL  I’m still in rookie stages.

Went for a roll today at a park I don’t skate very often.
Got some tricks i’ve never done there in the corner bowls:
Rock to fakie
Fakie Rock
Tail stall

I could do these on easier quarters but it’s nice to come back to a park and actually be able to do a few things there that I couldn’t before.

AND I learnt how to Feeble Stall cheese


Stoked that after ages of my skating being a stuck at the same point or even some times going backwards, I learnt a new trick last night!

Had a really good skate on Thurs, Friday, Sat and Sun. {edit: realised I skated Friday too. Skatin that many days in a row definately helped with progression }
Last night at St Kilda park, it was super packed so we just stuffed around in the smallest bowl/mini section. Bout 4ft.
I was getting BS Smith stalls, and then started sliding them! Was fun as, and cant wait to take smith grinds to bigger transition!


Awesome work guys.

I still haven’t been down to St. Kilda yet! Weathers been bad so I haven’t skated for about a week, which seems like ages now that I’m used to skating like twice a week again lol.

How’s the mini ramp been going K2?


Havent been able to skate it much because of the rain. If weather is good on weekends we generally go spot chasing or skate the city. Had a fun night session the other week. But since then nothin cos of the rain.

On Saturday we ended up skating Highvale SC because it was raining. And sunday we managed to get St Kilda in for an hour before it was dark. Was a bit wet, but only from a shower on earlier in hte day


I’ve started skating more frequently now i’m out of school. My Ollie’s aren’t too bad and i can land pop shuv-it’s most of the time albeit going pretty slow.

Iv’e now started focusing on heelflips and i can’t seem to land any. Every time i flick to board it hits my foot again and it ends up being a rough looking ollie rather then a heelflip.  Any tricks to getting my feet out of the way to flip?

Hopefully my new setup will help out too because tight trucks and tiny little wheels are horrible to skate with.


to do list bs smith on rails (very hard) and switch front big spins (hard)


Learned hardflip bs 180, fakie bigflip, smith stalls, and kickflip rock and roll! New board and shoes work wonders for me


switch tres and switch inward heelsjust because I rolled my ankle so I cant skate regular. lol


Just went for a skate with my groms (niece and nephew) this afternoon at the new Toukley skatepark. It’s super basic and has flat metal edges instead of copings, but it’s great for new skaters to cruise.

My niece and nephew (5 & 7) have both been riding it on scooters, but I gave them a bit of a intro to skating and I’m proud to say that I converted 2 young groms to standing sideways!

After learning how to push and roll and turn a bit in the car park. They learnt how to roll up and down the bank forward and switch (similar to a halfpipe). And can also roll in on the banks with no help now.
It’s only little things, but before now, my little nephew would only use his skateboard by sitting on it. They made me proud today skate


Nice work, Andy!


trying to learn nolie late flips


Hey everyone! I’m brand new to this skating lark.  It’s been three weeks now and am already wishing I hadn’t waited to be 40 years old before starting!

I’m getting comfortable riding around and doing small rolls into ramps and rolling back switch.

Also just managed my first Ollie but not been brave enough to try them moving yet ha!

I’ve set up a facebook page to chart my progress as well which is

would be great if any like minded souls wanted to give it a like and follow to drop help and inspiration!

cheers and look forward to chatting with you all!



Spent an hour last night trying to jump a line drawn on the concrete and failing miserably~!

Static Ollie is getting better and more consistent all the time but as soon as I’m rolling everything I’ve learnt goes out of the window and I barely jump.  going to cover myself in pads to hopefully help with the fear element and get back to it.  Sure this is all head stuff!