How to recover corrupted EDB files manually?

Manual Method
If you are aware of the Exchange Server, then you might be knowing that Microsoft provides an inbuilt utility ESEUTIL. ESEUTIL, i.e., Exchange Server Database Utility which is an executable program, it and it can repair corrupt EDB files.

The default location of this in-built utility is –

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin >

To repair the database, you can run this cmdlets via this utility.

eseutil /p >

Note: It is advised to take a backup of the Exchange database before running cmdlets in the Eseutil application.

The most important thing to remember after the successful completion of the repair process is to check the data integrity. You can check the integrity of the data with the help of the integrity check tool ISINTEG.

I hope this manual method will be helpful!
Paul Wilson