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YES Basic - finding the right size and binding

Hi everyone,

I saw other threads regarding the YES Basic board, but they didn’t help me out completely. I hope you won’t be angry that I opened another one smile

I am considering to buy the 2021 YES Basic and would like to get advice regarding the right board size and binding.

Currently I have a cheap noname binding and camber board (160 cm length, 25,4 cm waist width, 23 inch centered stance) and I have been riding for 2-3 seasons (no tricks and similar, only riding prepared slopes, often in icy conditions). So far I have progressed well but I still catch edges and fall off relatively often - that’s why I am looking for the Yes Basic with rocker endings but with camber base (so that the board is a bit more forgiving but still provides room to progress later on).

I am 181 cm (5’11) tall and weigh 77 kg (170 lbs), just bought Burton Ruler boots in US10 size. I am eyeing with the 158 cm version of the YES Basic, however based on another thread ( the 155 cm could also be fine. Though I am afraid that the tip of my boots would go too much over the edge of the board, on my current board my front leg already hangs over 2-2 cm on toe and heel side, angle is 15 degrees). What do you suggest?

Also, I am thinking about Union bindings to the board. Based on the stiffness classification, the Union STR may be a good choice, but I am not sure - your help would be much appreciated here!

I hope you can help me out, thank you so much and all the best,