Marijuana Users (THC)

I see we have a discussion here about CBD, but I know I’m not the only person who smokes the old-fashioned way! I’ve been a heavy daily user for over a decade and really don’t know Cycling (or everyday life) without it, but I don’t know how it affects me as a cyclist. I know this should help with inflammation, but it’s interesting to learn about other effects this can have, both positive and negative. Sometimes I will smoke after the trip, sometimes before the trip (although not a difficult trip), there is no real method to insanity here.

I’ve already reached a decent level of fitness and I’m not going to quit Smoking anytime soon, at least not until I have kids in a few years, so it’s just interesting to hear from others about their use, or perhaps what they discovered when they stopped using. I know that some of you guys and girls at a higher level probably need to be tested for certain events, so this is also curious.

Of course, not everyone will want to participate openly in this kind of discussion, but I am sure that we all have a “friend” that we can refer to in this topic. I hope that given how the laws are changing, we can at least have this discussion here, but if not, feel free to delete.


I am in a legal state and have a fair choice of different levels of THC:CBD I have different shapes from flower to edibles to smash. I find a couple of 1:2 THC:cbd puffs that help me get through a tough trainer workout, as well as shitty winter fat bike rides. Also helps with longer zone 2 things outside. I put in my headphones and pedal for a few hours in the woods. I didn’t think it improved performance, but it seems to help longer, slower sessions go a little faster and with more smiles!

When I was younger, I abused cannabis quite a lot, but now I have a much healthier relationship with it when I’m in my 40s. Fortunately, the refrigerator frenzy is beginning to subside. Hopefully we’ll see some good research for different uses, as we’ve seen recently with psychedelics.


I also tried weed, many times smile at college. I believe cannabis should be consumed by people who are at least 21 years old. I first used cannabis as a 21-year-old college student. Since then it become a useful tool in my life, because I consumed cannabis in college without losing focus. I used cannabis as carefully and responsibly as possible to not only enjoy myself, but also to cope with severe anxiety, debilitating menstrual cramps, and difficulty sleeping. Also I buy different edibles from this shop as a reward for a succesful work.


Damn shame it’s illegal where I’m living, would like to see if it’ll be of any help for my occasional back pains.


I use edibles and used to run, not so much nowadays, but I definitely ate some gummy bears a couple of times before my runs just as an experiment since I’ve heard from others that it makes you more focused and whatnot. Generally it was a bad idea since I would mellow out and become very sleepy so I don’t think it’s a good mix. But that’s just with edibles, if I use CBD Oil UK then I’m not noticing any significant effects, except that my legs are not as sore from running afterwards.