Is Ballpumping The New Alternative To Liposuction?


What do you think about liposuction?
Does it work for a long term?
What’s about ballpumping?


I never liked liposuction. Maybe there are some alternative methods to lose weight?

Daniel565 - 16 November 2020 08:26 AM

I do not know what this new alternative to liposuction is, but there is very little information and the picture shows something not very pleasant. Liposuction is very effective and allows you to achieve results very quickly, but not everyone is allowed to do it. My doctors forbade me to do liposuction, although I really wanted to and thought that this was the only way. Of course, I had a terrible depression against this background. I decided to try hardware procedures for weight loss and I found the official website of Ultimate Light LED procedure. It describes in detail this hardware procedure and the device itself. This was a great solution for me, I slowly but surely lose weight and got back to life.

Looks like a good idea.


Among liposuction alternatives, this is the only one that uses cryolipolysis, a fat-freezing procedure that crystallizes your targeted fat cells until they break apart painlessly. shareit vidmate