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Gymnast rings - Holds are causing hand pain and weed

I’ve been training on the rings for two or three weeks now. Several times a week, I do static holds in the top position for sets, usually thirty seconds (maximum). The problem is that my palms are sore and I stop gripping until I’m muscle tired. It’s not joint pain, just the pain of supporting my body weight on two small surfaces. This is something that disappears over time, can my hand position be wrong? Is it a curse with plastic rings? Thank you in advance!
BTW, do you smoke weed to relief pain?


I broke my leg in an accident a couple of years ago and it’s always aching. Only with weed do I ease my suffering.


Weed is one of the best things for pain, but I have bad trips. So when I had some bad trips after smoking a lot of joints, I think this happens due of too much marijuana in your body, that’s why you need something else to do (besides smoke I mean). However, do you know about trim trays? have you raise your own box? Because I think when you raise your own ganja you wouldn’t be addicted to it here is a source if you are interested in it, then this site ia for you I mean emotionally). Hope my info was useful.