Instagram pages that really attract

Do you believe in the life that is shown in instagram?
Why people like this fake life?


I think that this is because often people like pretend to be other people and instagram offer this possibility.


Instagram is full of lies and fraud. You can meet there fake actors, models, trainers and runners. Instagram is a very popular platform for communication and work. And of course it attracts people who want to pretend to be other people. I know that many people are more willing to subscribe to pages where there are a lot of followers. But having several thousand subscribers doesn’t mean that this person is an expert in any field. Now there are services where people buy subscribers for a certain amount of money (for example, here is one of these services So, you should be very careful in choosing the person you subscribe to.


Yes It should not show on Instagram but If your life is inspiration for other people and you are able to solve any problem then should can be good for you or other social platform.