First time


So within 2 and a half weeks I’m going surfing for the first time shaka
I’m going for 10 days to Zarautz, Spain with BoardX(they organize the coolest group vacations in BE and NL)

And so I was wondering if you guys(and girls of course) had any tips/tricks for me??
(even tips for beach-parties smirk )

any help appreciated!!


Use a big long solid board, not one of those learn to surf new age coolite things, they are horrible, if possible a stand up paddle board would be good.  As far as I’m concerned the biggest thing is to get new surfers standing ASAP on a wave, gets em hooked more often than not.  The easiest way to get over it is to try it on a normal shortboard, frustration will be the end result.

Oh and what are you like at swimming?  Even if you swim well and regularly you will find paddling a fairly foreign concept.  If you do want to take it up, do it everyday or as often as possible, be prepared for it to be one of the hardest things you can learn to do but ultimately one of the most rewarding.


I first tried surfing a few years back and did so on and off over the years. It wasn’t until about last summer when I started taking it more seriously and being committed to learning when I really found progress.  So I think commitment and hitting the waves as much as possible is a pretty important part even when conditions are poor.

Make sure you don’t try surfing anything too big to start off with. I have been out in biggish stuff initially and all it does is freak you out and cause frustration!

As nthnbeacheguy said above try a big board to start off with like a minimal, it will be easier to catch waves and easier to stand on.

They will probably tell you this but always make sure your board is flat on the water when you are paddling it.  If it’s not you will never catch a wave. You’d be surprised how many people do this!


Moving to Surfer Progression.


I don’t think I’ll have a choice in board since it is with an organisation but I’ll try to get the biggest board :D
Swimming is not a problem(doing it for 6 years or so :p, last 2 years more ), but maybe I should do some arm exercises to prepare ^^; do you have any I can do that “simulate” the paddling and is doable in my room (and maybe some abdomen to, getting the beer of :DD )
And I’m pretty committed to learn this so I’ll be in the sea a much as possible :D
And I guess the first day(‘s) will be on the beach so getting up ASAP will be ‘when possible’ :p

I think the difficulty for me will be having my feet loose; I also have problems with this when standing on a skateboard(the reason I haven’t been doing it so far); I don’t have the ‘control’ and balance I get when standing on a snowboard but maybe I just need to get used to that ^^


In regards to exercise anything to do with core strength is a good idea.  Lower back is definitely one that gets alot of use during surfing so it’s a good idea to try and strengthen that.  This is because when you are paddling you need to have your back arched up.  Close grip push ups with a preacher bar can be pretty good for duck dives also but you probably won’t be doing much of that initially.

I also originally thought that I would have trouble with surfing as opposed to to snowboarding because of the lack of bindings thing but you will get used to it pretty quick as I did!

After your lessons you need to start building your quiver.  I started out borrowing boards from friends alot usually always different types which made it hard to learn because I was always using a different board.  It’s good to just grab one board and stick with it for a bit I think! Personally I started on a 7’3” minimal.


Also check this book out

Its very cheap and was very useful.  I think it helped me heaps in my progression. I still refer back to it sometimes to get new ideas on how to keep improving.