Casino and pregnancy

Has anyone ever been to a casino while pregnant?

I’m in Vegas with my boyfriend, and he likes to gamble. I am 9 weeks pregnant and try to stay away from people who smoke. Sometimes I run into him, but I try my best to stay away from him.

Did anyone else gamble or go to the casino in the first trimester?


I don’t think occasional second hand smoke will hurt as long as you aren’t exposed continually. I have never been in a casino, but I dont see why it would be a problem.


I think there is nothing bad in it. Of course, you should play at the good casino with not very huge amounts of the money. I’m talking only about the online casinos, because it isn’t good to go with the belly at the casino, where there is a lot of angry and drank people. Of course, it’s difficult to find good site for playing nowadays, if you let somebody trick you, but likely for you there is the list of tested casinos -, where you will always be able to find the good casino.


I was in Las Vegas last year with my pregnant sister. I don’t know why Las Vegas is so promoted and why everyone wants to play casino there. I didn’t really like it there, to be honest. A lot of people, expensive hotels, great food, but everything is very expensive. In general, I am a fan of online casino games at home. I like it better. I like to play at Canadian casinos lately, because the slots, games and conditions they offer me just impress pleasantly. You can see for yourself, visit this page and read the information and reviews on the real money online casino in Canada. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are a player and live in Canada, it will be great for you at all. Everything is fully licensed and the license is checked regularly so that you don’t have to deal with cheaters. The license is a sign of authenticity and legality of the gambling site for real money. It is issued by international organizations specializing in this field. In general, the conditions and cooperation at a very cool level.


It seems to me that the casino is not the best place for you. When people around you are constantly smoking, it’s not the best. If your boyfriend loves to play casinos so much, then recommend him to try online casinos. It is very convenient and simple. At he can read reviews of casinos, where you can pay for everything by mobile phone and choose the best for yourself. And in the reviews, he will be able to learn about the conditions, bonus system, and rating of the casino. It will be very useful for him and especially for you. After all, your boyfriend will be able to play in the casino at home with you. That’s cool.