Convection microwave

I keep contemplating the microwave in our 2018 Bessacar, I just don’t use it and feel like the space can be used for other more useful things, and then there’s the weight, I have no idea how much it weighs… I took a look at removing it and it doesn’t look as straightforward as the first thought, I was thinking about taking it out and seeing what it looks like first, does anyone have an idea how I take out the microwave?


I suggest you consult with a specialist, who can remove it before it crashes


To tell you the truth, I’m not that type who purchases a microwave and then rebuilds the half of the house or apartment. I usually buy thinks which will suit exactly my apartment, it may be really difficult, but whatever, it’s better to find something worthy than just to buy for saying that you bought it. Thus, I usually try to consult with as many existing sites as possible: there are various guides, different reviews. Moreover, the best thing is to find a trustworthy source from the very beginning and use it every time you need help. Speaking of kitchen appliances, in that case- convection microwave oven- I use My absolute favorite!