Need help for Choosing an electric Skateboard

Hello, I am from Dublin, Ir.  and I do skateboard for 3 years. Recently we moved to California and having trouble using regular Skateboard (Especially climbing hill). So I decided to buy an Electric Skateboard. I have read some skateboard review ( But Confuse of selecting one. Dose anyone have good experinced with Electric Skateboard. My budget is $700

Could anyone Suggest me the best one under my budget ?


I’ve only really had experience with the Evolve boards and I’ve been very pleased with their products (3 x boards over the years).  With a budget of $700 (USD?), I would check for a 2nd hand board online and yes I would recommend an Evolve, however others have had equally good experiences with Boosted and OneWheel.  eBoards have come a long way over the years so you would be best looking for the most recent board for the $$.  Depending on if you need offroading or just straight street skating will also determine your pricepoint.