Precision trucks for freeride

So I’m looking at different trucks for DH freeride. Do people say not to go precision trucks for freeride because they don’t have the performance needed for freeride ? Or is it more to do with them not wanting to trash $400 trucks?
I’m thinking Ronin cast katana’s are going to be the best option for me going off what IV heard,as they are almost as good as precisions..but if precision trucks are going to be that much better I’d go that way. Money isn’t an issue, I just want best setup I can build.
Also like the liquid fyre precisions but I’m thinking they might be too restrictive even tho they advertise them as freeride trucks. *They talk about how you can upgrade the cast liquid trucks a piece at a time. So would they perform better with the precision baseplate n cast hanger or is it better to have the precision hanger on cast baseplate?
Thanks guys