Surfing at Mallasoro - Makassar

Location - Jenneponto at Makassar. Mallasoro
a very good surf location, with the support of strong winds, a comfortable place and strong winds that can spoil your surfing activities. We also provide villas and transportation to take you from the airport to surf locations and villas.

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I like this picture, the sea, the waves are my passion. I don’t see any big waves, though. It must have been windless during this photo. And so, my most magnificent surfing was in Portugal in the Algarve. This is the best thing that has happened in my life. Then I was in Orlando, and I was also very impressed with this beach. There are wonderful places and besides surfing there is still something to do. Besides, you can see this for yourself by looking at the blog article about things to do in cocoa beach. And I’m sure that Orlando will not leave anyone indifferent.