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Surfing at Mallasoro - Makassar

Location - Jenneponto at Makassar. Mallasoro
a very good surf location, with the support of strong winds, a comfortable place and strong winds that can spoil your surfing activities. We also provide villas and transportation to take you from the airport to surf locations and villas.

Please call me, Whatsapp : +6282292539662



Hello everyone, I want to start surfing, but I don’t know anything about this sport yet. Tell me how difficult it is, and what is required for this?


Hello, surfing is one of the hardest sports, but if you have a great desire then everything will work out. You must prepare for the fact that regular training awaits you, for a start it is better to work with an instructor since you do not have enough experience. You also need all the necessary equipment for surfing, you can order this at Here you can find a good board or all the rest of the equipment.