Will my boots fit new board ? 

Looking at purchasing a new board off this website, I’m currently riding a Ride Burnout, I’m looking more at park boards now, my current board is 155cm and waist
Width 252mm.
The board I’m looking at is 151 and 248mm width.
My boot size is 11.5 and I’m running union force bindings.
I’m talking about 4mm but dont want to spend 600 bucks on a board that wont work for me, I’m planning on using my original bindings and boots to ride on the new board.
Might be a stupid question but the shops here aren’t very helpful.
Cheers guys


Hey @Robmisfit,

Which brand and model of boots do you have exactly?

Did you ever find an issue with the waist width of your current board?

Which board are you thinking of purchasing (some boards will give you more width underfoot with GripTech, MidBite etc.)?

How wide is your stance and what binding angles do you ride?

Please let me know and we can go from there. That said, my instinct is you should go wider. I wouldn’t usually recommend a 248mm waist with size 11.5 boots.


Are the boots so important for skating??