Is it me or my board?

Need some advice… First up, here’s a bit of info about me: I’m a female rider, intermediate, confident on most blue runs and some black runs if snow conditions are good. I currently ride a Capita Defenders of Awesome (2014) board.

I’m having a few problems that I just can’t seem to overcome and I don’t know if it’s me or my board:

- I can’t seem to gain much control on hard pack/icy runs. The board just feels like it wants to run out of control.

- The board feels quite slow to turn, especially if I gain a bit of speed. Sometimes I find myself stuck on an edge and it feels like the board doesn’t want to turn, then if I try to force it that’s when I crash. It doesn’t feel very “agile”, which makes it really difficult to pick a line when there are moguls.

Do you think I need to work on my skills, or does it seem like the board isn’t suitable for me? Or perhaps the board needs tuning?

Here are the board specs:
Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard 2014


very vague details
do you have the same issues on green runs?

have you taken any lessons (group or private)?

to be honest…moguls and snowboarders isn’t the best combination