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Yes The Greats worth the upgrade over The Basic?

Hi All,

So I’ve been riding for about 4 years, only about 6-8 days a year, and I’ve been riding the 2018 Yes Basic for the last 2 seasons. I’ve progressed very nicely on it, starting to get the hang of ollies, presses and switch riding and also started hitting the beginner park jumps.

Last season though, I noticed when trying to pick up speed, I found the Basic gets quite chattery, particularly on my heelside carves (pretty much all of my falls last year were from the heelside). This could definitely be a technique issue, but still, I was thinking of getting the Greats this year for a few reasons:

- Extra stiffness for when I want to bomb abit
- Good for presses/butters and park
- Sintered base (getting stuck on flats is the worst, it ALMOST makes me want to go back to skis!)
- Asym side cut, I love that carving feeling and this may help my heelside carves?
- That graphic!!!!

I was also looking at the Captia DOA since that is meant to be stiffer too. Or I could just stick with the Basic and get a proper stiff board for bombing with. Any suggestions?


Hey @Hyperize,

Short answer: Get the Greats. It’s a serious upgrade over the Basic.

You have pointed to a few issues that can certainly become noticeable with more entry-level boards as you progress, especially if you ride aggressively (carving, bombing, big jumps etc.).

In regards to your heelside carving issues, I’ll be fair and say this is probably a bit of both technique and board — in the sense that some boards are better equipped for hard and fast carving. The Greats is one of those boards designed to carve with precise performance. It’s really incredible on edge. The asymmetrical shape with asymmetrical flex (game changer) and camber underfoot makes this board carve better than any other hybrid I’ve ever tested (or any true twin snowboard for that matter). You will notice a considerable difference in your heelside carves (clean and tight with way less chatter).

Beyond that, it’s an awesome true twin snowboard with top-end materials and tech. It’s a super fun and versatile ride; true twin freestyle board that carves like a machine and can handle all-mountain and pow with ease.

It goes without saying, I love this board. And yeah, the graphics are SICK!

Sounds like it will be an ideal board for you. Lifetime warranty as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Awesome, thanks for the response!

The other boards I’m considering are the capita mercury, or even the yes standard. But I think most of my riding will be in Aus, and I’m leaning towards more all mountain freestyle with some park than freeride/back country, I think the greats will be perfect for me.