Recommendations for a Quality Mini Skateboard Set-up

Hi Guys,
As the heading says, I am after some ideas on a decent quality Mini Board set up for my son, 9yrs old but only a little over 4 ft tall ☺
He has just started Skating ( 4 wks ) and doing quite well.
The board he is riding now, he bought himself, is a Deca Mini 7” × 29” Complete.
Thinking of going to a 7.25” - 7.5” ×29” for him.
I have changed the bearings and wheels as he has progressed.
So, are there any ” Better ” Complete Boards out there or should I be building up a Custom Set up?


I wouldn’t be building a custom setup at that size (and age). You’ll get much better value with a complete. The key is sticking to reputable brands that put their completes together using only quality parts. Dwindle (Almost, Enjoi etc.) are usually very good. Take a look here: (all of these are quality completes for kids). You’d probably end up paying close to double for similar quality if you buy everything separately.