Beginner Snowboard

Hi guys,

I have just finished my lessons and I’m now ready to start properly learning to snowboard, within the next cpl of weeks I hope to get a board bindings and boots.

I have been looking at reviews and videos on beginner boards and wonder if you could suggest a great setup for me.

So far the board I’m going to buy is either the 2019 Yes Basic or the 2019 Arbor Formula (rocker but open to advice on camber) 

The bindings I was thinking about are Arbor Hemlock or Salomon Trigger, again suggestions welcome,

Boots I am open to your advice,

I am 70kg with size 10 feet so board length I was thinking 158/159.

I don’t want to spend a fortune but want some really good gear that will last me to intermediate and beyond.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hey I am sure Jeremy will come and give you some advice but tbh I have seen a few people on various yes boards while I was in Japan really struggling as I do not class them as entry level

My advice would be to either rent or borrow a board and work out what you like to ride and then spend the Dollars

A few of the rental places offer to put the rental cost towards a board you buy so have a chat

I exclusively buy gear from Boardworld these days and am on the fence about getting a split board or something longer (158) and more aggressive going forwards but need to spend some more time on my current board first

I currently have a 2019 Jones explorer which I wouldn’t recommend to a beginner with Now drive bindings.

I am 5’11 and also a size 10boot (76kg) and I am on a 156, I started on a 153 Soloman sight so dont think you need something long to start with

A shorter board will help with turning and I would suggest something around a 4/10 flex

You also need to have a think about where you will be riding and what kind of riding you want to do