Getting a new board, suggestions? Looking @ 156-159 MWs


I unfortunately left my Libtech Skate Banana at Hunter 2 weeks ago, never to be seen again, and while I was planning on an upgrade down the line, wasn’t expecting it this soon.

The rest of this seasons pretty shot for me, Sunday day trips in the NE, mostly to Snow + Hunter, with the occasional Wildcat, Whiteface, Killington trips. I’m planning a day or two out at Mammoth in May, but other than that I am pretty much stuck NE til next winter.

My Lib I believe was a 153 or 154, very low flex. My biggest issue with it was the width, I have a size 13 boot, my heels hung over by nearly an inch I’d say, so I’m looking at some midwide boards for my upgrade.

I very rarely hit park, and as I get older (23 now), I would rather not bust my ass and get hurt, so my main use would be just free riding, I’m hoping to move to Europe or out west next year, so deep pow is definitely in my future. 

Was looking at two in particular, curious on your thoughts. First, Burton Custom Flying V 2019 158MW. I’m pairing it with Union Force bindings, the wood color, so I’m looking for a wood colored board preferably. This one seems to be a good fit, not too stiff, I’m still kinda cluelesss on the whole rocker vs camber thing, everywhere I look it says Camber: Rocker (on the house for instance). My understanding is that Rockers do better in Pow, Cambers are better for packed snow. If someone could clarify that that’d be dope.

The other, the Arbor Element 158MW. The two seem similar, maybe this one’s a bit stiffer. I love the look of it, and as an Arbor longboard owner I’ve always wanted to snag a snowboard of theres.

I’m 5’9"ish, 155 lbs, trying to gain more weight so the stiffness will fit better. I very rarely ride switch, but am looking to get better at it.

If anyone has other suggestions that would be awesome. My goal is to get this ASAP and preferably online, I have some cashback at The Moose but unfortunately the Arbor is not in stock there, the Burton is though. Thanks!!