Feb 2019 Japan Destination…...HELP.

Hey guys and girls how are we all?

A mate and I are planning a last minute trip to early Feb next year for around a week and are looking for some suggestions on where to go. We had planned on going to Switzerland but time restraints of only a 10 days have cut us back to a location a bit closer than 24+ hours away.

I was in Japan for a week in Jan/Feb this year up in the Appi Kogen ski resort area which was really good but not a huge amount of deep powder there. Both of us are intermediate to advanced riders and we are chasing good pow for the trip and what some good night life (doesnt have to be party central)

I have been looking at Myoko, Madarao, Nagano and Niseko as options but open to anything you have to suggest. I know the first three are considered less busy during the season as opposed to Niseko and have heard all four of those resorts get mass amounts of powder just wanting some opinions or suggestions from you good folk.

Let us know any info you have to offer. Cheers.




hey mate last year my wife and I went to nowzowa an myoko. the town around nowzowa is awesome. i did a post call “japan all thumbs up” if you want to know more.