Canadian Debt

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been back home for a while now from Whis. And I’ve just gotten an email from ‘Met Credit’ a canadian debt collection agency trying to get payment for a phone bill. The bill is currently $350ca + accumulating interest…apparently.

Does anyone have any experiance with this. If so, will there be any repercussions if I dont pay. I’m not going to be heading back to canada to live or work unfortunaty, but if I was to ever go back for a holiday would this effect my ability to get into the country?

Not a shady guy just was to lazy to call Koodo to cancel my phone plan ?

Appreciate the advice ✌


Dude, do you really think, that loans vary according to country? We live in the 21st century, where everyone steals each other’s ideas for making his business better, because everyone wants more cash. Returning to the loan, I want to say, that it’s so sh*ty thing. Of course, it can give you some opportunities, that you haven’t had before, but the chance to fu*ck up is so huge, that you can become homeless person, if something will go wrong. There were a lot of situations, when collectors came for getting the money back. It’s good, if they are adequate ones, usually these are up-to-date firms, like, and it’s worse, if some aggressive idiots will come to you and will broke everything, moreover, damage you or your close ones. So, think twice before taking the loan, guys.