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The classic “what board would you take to Japan?” thread

Hi All,

As the title suggests, I’m about to do another season in Japan, and can’t decide on a board.

I’m 6’1 and fluctuate between 85-90kg.

Availability is an issue right now for boards in Aus, I don’t want to consider it if I can’t actually buy it.
I want at least a semi-versatile powder board, one that I can get to the stashes inbounds / sidecountry, but also take backcountry.

My short list is:

Bataleon Camel Toe 158
Arbor Shreddy Krueger 159
Jones Mind Expander 158
Rome Powder Division MT 157
Wired Chase 158

Any thoughts on the boards, or any to add that I should be looking at? And THANKS!

I would have loved either the Bataleon Surfer or the Endeavor Archetype, but they’re sold out everywhere :’(


I would only consider the Rome or the Wired for what you are after the depending on your boot size the Wired waist might be not wide enough if you have a size 10 and over. I would also look at a Capital Spring Break Powder Pill which is super versatile and floats amazingly also the Capita Spring break Powder Glider both are available in Australia now, another option is the Korua Dart or Apollo.
Here’s my Japan quiver.


Thanks for the suggestions Nigel.

What do you think of the Spring Break Tree Hunter - I see it there in your quiver.

You don’t rate the Jones or Bataleon?

Thanks mate.


Hey all,

Have a look at Angry Snowboarder’s review of the Jones Mind Expander, 

He is responsive to questions, too, so fire away


I used the Jones Hovercraft 2017 last year and it was awesome in the powder and fast and locked in on the groomers. It’s an awesome all mountain board. I’ve used the Jones Storm Chaser which was exceptional in the powder but a little skatey and slow on the groomers.

I’ve just bought a Korua Dart so I’m hoping it’ll be my all mountain board. I’ve got too many so need to sell a few off.


Oh shit

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