Hakuba in bounds tree skiing

Gday all,

After some recommendations for places in Hakuba to do some inbounds tree skiing as the title suggests. Was in Niseko last year and Hanazono had some really fun examples but haven’t been able to find much info for Hakuba. I’ve read some resorts have dedicated tree skiing areas that you have to sign waivers for??

Also thinking of hitting the backcountry for a day with a guided tour. Would I need to book before arriving or is it something I could potentially organise whilst over there (only there for a week, in Feb)




Iwatake has a back area behind the cafeteria offering some ungroomed and tree areas. There’s a single 2-seater lift servicing the area and it can get deep on powder days. Nice spot and you don’t need to sign waivers, wear bibs etc.

47 has a sidecountry/tree area that you will need to register for at the base of the resort and wear a bib, but it’s also pretty good.

Both of these areas don’t tend to get very busy, at least when I’ve been out.

Cortina is supposed to be the best for in-bounds trees and powder but the downside is that everybody knows it and it turns into Bali-on-the-snow - actually not that bad but you get the picture. Tracks out super quick as it’s a smallish area.

The good thing about Hakuba is that there are a lot of resorts within shuttle bus distance and going to the lesser frequented hills (Tsugaike etc) can be great uncrowned days. Enjoy!


I can let the secret out now that I cannot do anymore season there but Tsugaike Kogen in Hakuba (IMO) is hands down the best tree skiing in Hakuba.

Haha “lil Bali” thats brilliant and so accurate!!

For Tsugaike you need to attend a 10 min safety talk at the cafe up the top of the mountain and then you get an armband that you wear so ski patrol know you are all good to be in the trees and you are good to go for the season.

You should be fine booking a trip when you are there (weather dependent)

Gaaaaa I miss it. Roll on Canada.