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Best, cheapest, lightest, smallest, most durable electric skateboard for commuting to work in NYC?

I am 24 years old, male, and 131 lbs. I’m starting a new job that’s less than a mile in skateboarding distance (about 15 minutes on sidewalks to the subway, then another 5 minutes on sidewalks in Manhattan). I’d be using the board purely for commuting. I’ve never bought a skateboard before, but I’d imagine that it would make the daily commute much easier, once I learn to ride it. Ideally it would also fit in my leather suitcase (after I wipe off the wheels), though I understand if none exist that are designed to be small/slim enough to slip into an over-the-shoulder suitcase.

With a little research from here/other forums/top 10 sites, I’m currently looking at these:

Meepo Campus 2 ($299)

Elevens Handsfree Electric Skateboard ($199.99+shipping)

ACTON BLINK Lite V2 ($199)

Urban - Portable Mini Electric Skateboard Skateboard ($249)

But of course I will consider anything else you guys recommend, the above are just the cheapest/smallest ones I could find. I’d prefer to spend under $250, but if the meepo campus 2 (the cheapest model they have) is the most durable/long-lasting, I would consider it.

Any info/help/recommendations from people with the same situation as me or otherwise is greatly appreciated! I know that your recommendations from your personal experience is far more valuable than any research I do.


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