LETS SPLIT (splitboard events)


Hey guys - I trust everyone has gotten in some good turns so far this winter!!??

Just posting some information on a Splitboard Event I have put together called LETS SPLIT.  Its a grass roots initiative to get people out there Splitboarding.  I have been splitboarding for a few years, and when I introduce new friends to this activity the STOKE is very contagious. 

There are 4 events for Winter 2018 (2 in VIC,  2 in NSW),  and the schedule looks like this;
TRIP 1 - JULY 14/15 Mt Stirling (VIC)
TRIP 2 - JULY 28/29 Guthega (NSW)
TRIP 3 - AUG 11/12 Mt Bogong (VIC)
TRIP 4 - AUG 25/26 Dead Horse Gap (NSW)

Please note - all events are a DAY TRIP of Splitboarding, but the dates listed are for the entire weekend as day selection for touring is weather dependent (during the week leading up to the TRIPS make the call about which day we will be touring).

So if your keen to try Splitboarding for the first time, or if you are already doing it and you just want to expand your network of people to ride with, then please join us for some good times in the Aus Backcountry.  Bookings can be made through the following link http://slidepath.com.au/lets-split/ and spots are limited to 15 people per each trip.


Amine Yasmine