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How much can you progress in a month?


I came across this pretty impressive video of a Aussie called Max learning an ollie, kickflip, drop In and grind all in a month, without any prior experience.

How much have you progressed in a month?


ha I love this.  one of the videos I watched.

I’ve just finished my 4th week of skating.  problem is that 4 weeks has consisted of about 6 hour long sessions plus a few hours in the evenings trying to Ollie.

In that time I’ve got to the point I’m comfortable pushing and riding along.  can tick tack and do stationary ollies.  Not managed them moving yet.

Have just about managed to master the art of pumping back and forth on a ramp but not getting up to the coping yet.

Can do a rolling 180 on or off the ramp but only backside.

Nowhere near what that dude achieved but still pretty chuffed for a 40 year old newbie.


Thanks for the sharing. This is my first time visiting your blog. Really I like your Blog. Keep doing more like this.