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Which longboard

I’m planning on buying my first longboard, but i don’t know much about it and I’m not experienced at all. I tried a friend’s board and really liked it!

I’m having problems deciding which one to get. My perfect longboard:
-is not too expensive (<200 euros)
- is versatile, i want to start with just cruising but when i get better i would like to do some sliding and small hills with it, without having to buy a new board(i dont wanna go 100 km h but it needs to be able to handle some speed)
-is good or at least just decent quality
-not too short but also not crazy long, and not too narrow (im 180 cm)
-i prefer a topmount with drop deck

I dont care about looks or design

I found some myself, and was wondering which one you think is the best, which one is crap.. Or maybe you onow other boards that would be good for me?

Thanks for helping me out!