Surfing Small Mushy Waves


Hey there I was thinking that because I mostly surf small mushy waves that maybe it would be good to get some tips on how to surf waves like this.  I’d think that alot of people surf waves like this more often than when its perfect!

As a beginner I am struggling to maintain speed on mushy waves around the 2/3ft size as they loose shape and begin to get fat.  Can you guys give me any ideas of what “beginner” moves I should be trying to surf waves like this better?

At the moment my one and only strategy is to try and keep the board plaining on the water by shifting my weight towards the front a bit more.

Cheers grin


You need to create momentum right from the start. Everything from picking your spot to paddling extra fast. Make sure you’re generating speed from the first turn. Pumping is always an option if you’re losing too much speed but it’s usually too late anyway. Work on your turns and really use the wave to your advantage. The key is to keep moving and generating momentum. You could also try a different set of fins to provide more drive.




Cheers guys, probably won’t need it this weekend with the huge SW swell coming our way!

With different sets of fins do you just mean bigger fins create more drive?


Yeah a stiffer fin and/or longer base will give you more drive.