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Dry Slopes - NOW WITH PICS!


the lodge was a FULL ON hunting cabin lodge style… they couldnt find another wall surface to put a dead animal on… kind of funny really.

Very nicely built building though.

Part of my kit for the day.
I have been wearing 2 different gloves, because my 2 pairs of park gloves that I have. I ironically lost one of each hand glove. So I’m pulling a Danny Kass and wearing different gloves. One Rome, one Burton. If I was doing it intentionally, I’d be cool. but I’m doing it because I have to, so that kind of ghetto.. LOL


Cool pics!
The surface looks bizarre. So can you make turns similar to on snow or do you just straight line it pretty much?


Very interesting, I’m also curious about turns/ if you do turn. The building seems too spacious to have so many hunting trophies!


Here’s the story.
I saw a very little of the top of the Snowflex centre from 460, (the highway).
Once there, I realized how artificial it all was. just all man made material.
The whole ‘mountain experience’ that you get when going snowboarding was taken away… but I was very willing to concede.

(all prices are USD)
Currently the pricing is based per hour. $5/hour Mon-Wed, and $7/hour Thu-Sun. They are currently only open 5-10PM.
After the grand opening on August 29th the hours and rates will change. Rates will stay similar, but there will be season pass, half day and all day options. but the pricing will stay similar to $5 or $7 an hour.
Students at Liberty University get a discount, of course.

There is rental and tubing too. I diddnt check out the equipment for rental, and I meant to. but it is only like $12 or $15 for the day of rental.

As I approached the hill, an employee approached me and asked if I had snowboarded before, I smiled and nodded. She then asked if I had been here before,“No” I replied…
She then asked me if I would visit the beginner hill for a couple times until I get the hang of it. I chuckled, trying not to come off rude, and as she began to explain why they try to make that mandatory, I interrupted her and told her that I’d be glad to if that is what is required… as I was very pleased to be snowboarding in August, and I would do what it takes. So I hit the bunny hill for 1 run reg, and 1 run switch. After I ‘conquered’ all 4 turns. I think I showed I was capable of not causing injury to others. (famous last words, gotta be careful with comments like that one)

So… the surface and riding on it.
Very odd at first.
See when you step on the bristles you have to compress them of course. and when applying your boot down onto the surface as you compress the bristles,  your boot doesnt sink straight down… it has to shift or twist a little or roll (say from heel to toe) to compress the bristles under foot. so when the board is flat based this is the same thing, the bristles have to be compressed. I found that my first turns were quite odd and sketchy. I couldnt determine if it was from an inconsistency in the slickness of the surface material or that my board wasnt responding to the surface like I had expected it to.

I took a total of I dunno… 10-15 runs during the few hours I was there. I became much more comfortable with it during that time. Worked up to hitting the jumps a couple times. A few 180s, and hit the flat box once and slipped off the side. I dont think it was placed very flat.
Most of my time was spent trying to figure the best turns to make.

Ultimately I felt that I needed to place more weight on the front foot than I usually do. So I strayed from a centered technique. ther eis not much of an experience of holding an edge to carve a turn.. but I was definitely making better turns later in my day. I think it may require really pressuring the part of the edge you want engaged during the turn. there is still a lot I have yet to try as far as turn technique, but I think with time more s possible than I have learned.

It definitely is a learning curve. Everyone’s first run put them on the ground.
And lets talk about the ground.
So there are these misty sprayers, and they are not as frequent as I thought they would be. I was told by a lift attendant that with a little rain the surface is ideal, to further wet the surface. I think there is a drainage system and some recycling of the water. I think there is an oil or chemical added to the water, non-toxic they say of course.
So when you fall you get wet. They require long sleeve and pants, which I would also recommend as the surface is abrasive. I wore my Burton AK 3L shell snowpants and a polyester LS shirt. I was wet by the end of the day.
If you never fall you would still get wet to the knees from the mist and when riding you spit up a little of it that would get on you.
Polyester shirt is a good option, as it dries quicker than cotton.

The material is quite soft, and gives a little if you were to jump on it, but not enough to spring off it… but it gives a little.

I met some LU students, and a group of 3 guys from DC.
The vibe there is awesome, the lifties are nice and helpful and understand there are a lot of questions. There was about 40 people there throughout the time I was there, maybe less… and possibly 75 spectators, a lot of people are checking it out to see the hype. This is the only of its kind in North America… and there are all ready plans to expand in November 2009. The hill will go a little further up and there will be a 3rd trail as a rail park… very nice.

I look forward to going again, and I cant wait until my wife fully recovers from delivering our baby, cause I know she is excited to visit there too.


Sounds very interesting and thank you for giving such a descriptive review. Sounds like it would be good in the rain though and at the price I think it’s quite decent.
The chemical in water is to add slip to the bristles?


Oh god please someone bring one to Melbourne.
We have every other sporting facility known to man..
Now we just need a snowflex to complete it all :D
Just park it on the Melbourne Uni oval .. that’d be fine aahah

T-Spec - 22 August 2009 07:08 AM

Oh god please someone bring one to Melbourne.
We have every other sporting facility known to man..
Now we just need a snowflex to complete it all :D
Just park it on the Melbourne Uni oval .. that’d be fine aahah

I know right??? the irony…. they pride themselves on all their sports grounds and facilities and they never even consider a snowflex park.


Slider, great report man, amazing pics.
but would you definitely head back for seconds?


I am definitely down for seconds and thirds!
I may still go on August 29th just to enjoy the hype and hopefully see some decent riding on it. I fear the crowd, though.

The water has - what I am told - an oily substance to it.
It felt a little weird on my skin and face, but I wasnt sure what to think.


have you tried indoor snow centres?
which one beats? snowflex or indoor snow centres?
I’d just be interested to hit up the boxes and all…..


There is not any indoor places around here.
Not even sure where in north America there is one.

Real snow would always be better.
An interesting thing about the snowflex, is that there is no snow that piles up underneath your board when you side slip.


thanks for filling us in dude! its a real odd concept, but if you dont have snow why not!!


As I am searching for more info and possible blogs about it online. I find that Texas has been talking for years about building one.
They have yet to confirm that they are, with a completion date… but maybe they will…
Texas, wow.

Who wants to more to Texas and open a snowboard shop.


The base of the ground does look really wierd….
Kinda like these little japanese enoki mushrooms i have seen around.