Skate Documentary - How Kids Skate in Africa

A Documentary about the development and passion of skating in Ghana, Africa. We met up with Ghana’s first Skate Crew in Accra. Skate Nation is a well known name in the Skate scene of Africa. The Crew was recently featured in Vogue Magazine & is gaining a lot of attention. As they just finished their second Nation wide Tour, Ghana takes another step forward in the development of skating. Everyone gets encouraged to Skate as Skate Nation GH gathers every weekend at the Ghana Trade Fair.

Further up in the country near lake Volta a much younger but just as passionate Skate Movement has started as well. The Roots Rebel Skaters were able to build their own Skate Park in the middle of the Jungle. The Two Rastafarian Brothers Solomon (10yrs) and Mack (7yrs) took us too their park where we met up with Seth&Johnny;. Also Two Brothers that share the same passion. While Mack even shot his first Skate video, the other talented skaters showcased their impressive skills. The young Skateboarders prove that Skateboarding is not only a sports but also a lifestyle no matter where you are. They encourage everyone to Skate and have fun together. It is the collective Goal of the Two Crews to help developing skating in Ghana and bring awareness to this truly unique Sports in Africa.